How Coverage Works

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  • Purchase Your Warranty

    Upsie gives you 60 days after purchase of a new or used consumer electronic device to get an Upsie warranty (120 days for smartphones) or 11 months for new TV's, major appliances, and fitness equipment. Our plans are backed by highly rated protection plan provider, Centricity. Devices must be purchased in the USA.

  • Coverage Begins

    For plans including accidental damage, coverage begins on day 31* after the warranty purchase date. For plans that don’t include accidental damage, coverage begins when the manufacturer warranty is complete. (*Coverage begins on day 1 if a new smartphone plan is purchased on the same day that the phone is purchased.)

  • Manufacturer Warranty

    All new devices must come with at least a 90-day manufacturer warranty and all used or refurbished devices must come with at least a 30-day seller warranty. Our plans overlap with the manufacturer warranty and take over the coverage after it expires.

  • File a Claim

    Call into our service center 24/7/365 to make a claim. This number is located under your My Account page. We promise that a real person will answer the phone to help you.

  • Repair your device

    We offer four types of repair: Local, Ship It In, In-Home Repair and Replacement. Options for repair vary per device. We’ll help you choose one most convenient to you.

If you have any questions at any point, shoot us an email at [email protected], give us a call at 1-877-844-7745 or use our Contact Us page. You can also reach us on Twitter @UpsieHQ and Facebook at

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Upsie Square Trade Samsung Best Buy Verizon
2-Year Coverage $129.99 $215.76 $287.76 $169.99 $312.00
Deductible $75 $149 $99 $149.99 $199

Price as of Sep 1, 2020 based on a 128 GB Samsung Galaxy S20 (may be subject to change)

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