Learn About the Upsie Smartphone Protection Plan

Let’s face it, smartphone warranties are confusing. First off, they can be called many different things including a smartphone protection plan, smartphone coverage, accidental damage protection, etc. They also have deductibles, terms and conditions and specific coverage parameters. Are you still with us?
In order to make your buying decision and, hopefully, buying process smooth, we’ve summed up all of the information that you need to know for Upsie warranties.

Why Choose Upsie

Upsie offers accidental damage coverage for their smartphone protection plan. This means that Upsie covers accidents like drop and spills, as well as other failures like touch screen and camera failure. Comparable plans from retailers and cell phone carriers cost way more because Upsie does not mark up their prices a crazy amount. Upsie also offers 24/7/365 claims so your phone can be repaired quickly if it does break.

Pre-Purchase Requirements

Upsie can protect nearly any smartphone - old or new. It simply has to be in good working condition. Unfortunately, Upsie can only protect phones purchased in the United States and cannot cover international models.

Smartphone Plan Details

When you’re ready to purchase your warranty, go to the smartphone purchase page. Upsie offers one simple subscription plan that costs $9.99 per month. This is the same price for a phone you've owned for three years or a phone you purchased today.
Upsie also has simple deductibles for repairs and replacements:
  • $0 Cracked screen repairs
  • $109 Other repairs
  • $149 Replacements (equal phone value)
You can file two claims per rolling 12-month period up to $250 in value for cracked screen repairs and up to $350 in value for other repairs. If your phone is replaced, it will end your plan, but no worries! You can easily purchase a new subscription for your replacement phone.

Coverage Start Dates

If you purchased your phone within the last 30 days, activate your coverage immediately by uploading your purchase receipt in your Upsie account. If your phone is older, or you do not upload your receipt, your coverage starts after a 90 day waiting period.

Smartphone Coverage Details

Upsie smartphone plans cover everything the manufacturer warranty does. Examples of such might be battery failure, power failure, touch screen failure, camera failure, etc. All of Upsie’s smartphone plans come with accidental damage protection, as well. If you drop your phone and crack the screen, you’re covered. If you spill a glass of water on your phone, causing liquid damage, you’re covered. Upsie plans do not cover lost or theft.

Plan Activation

After you purchase your smartphone protection plan, you will have to activate it. Activation is simple: enter some basic information and upload a picture of your receipt (optional). If you choose to upload your receipt, it should display the purchase date, retailer, model number, and purchase price. (Most receipts display this information). The basic information will include entering the IMEI, model number, tracking information, etc.

Claims Process

If your phone is damaged mechanically or accidentally, you’ll need to file a claim in order to get it repaired. Filing a claim is quick and easy because you already entered all device information in our system when you activated your warranty. To make a claim, log into your Upsie account and locate the plan you want to make a claim on. Click the ‘File a Claim’ button. Choose between calling the number and submitting a form. Please note that a response from the form may take up to 48 hours, whereas the phone call is immediate. The smartphone protection plans includes two claims per rolling 12 month period. So, if you make two claims in five months, you will have to wait seven months before you can make another claim.

Repair Options

When you make a claim, an Upsie representative will help pick the best repair option for you. A very popular smartphone repair option is local repair. Upsie partners with repair providers across the country that will repair your phone with high-quality parts. You can also request to get your smartphone repaired at a shop of your choice. Please note that these repairs must be approved by the claims representatives before you can bring your phone in for repair. If you’re in no hurry, you can choose to ship it in. We offer free round-trip shipping to our certified repair center. As a last resort, if your phone cannot be repaired, we will replace your device.
If you have any other questions regarding Upsie smartphone protection plans, please let us know! You can email us at [email protected] or give us a call between 9am-4pm CST at (877) 844-7745. Don’t have an Upsie account? Sign Up today!
Updated 3/21/2022

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