Here Are the Latest OnePlus 10 Leaks

OnePlus released the OnePlus 9 in March of this year and, according to leaks, may release the OnePlus 10 at about the same time in 2022. Still, TechRadar reported on rumors that the company might announce the new phone earlier. Some other reports say that OnePlus will only release early in China and wait until spring of 2022 to unveil their phone worldwide.
Here’s everything we know about the OnePlus 10 so far.

Are There Any OnePlus 10 Leaks?

According to OnePlus 10 leaks, the OnePlus 10 probably won't offer any radical improvements to these new phones. For instance, most speculation suggests they won't change the cameras. However, at least one source claimed they would upgrade the 16MP front lens to 32MP and perhaps, add one more lens choice to the Pro model.
OnePlus has confirmed entirely different software to run both models. After the merger with Oppo, OnePlus integrated ColorOS with their Android version, OxygenOS. The company's CEO said this new operating system would offer the rich features of ColorOS with the smooth and low-burden experience of OxygenOS.
At least for the Pro version, rumors have circulated that OnePlus will upgrade their chipset to a top-line Snapdragon 8 processor, include options for 8GP and 12GB of RAM, and add an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance. There aren’t many rumors about the base version specs, which might suggest that OnePlus won't change it much from the OnePlus 9.
Although OnePlus has not revealed any specific pricing information, we can guess the price range of the OnePlus 10 based on previous models. The company priced their OnePlus 9 base model at $729 and the OnePlus 9 Pro at $1,069. Industry watchers expect them to keep the retail price about the same for this next release.
As a result, the company may discount the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro when releasing the new OnePlus 10 models. So waiting for the announcement might offer an excellent chance to grab a discount on a decent device.

Is OnePlus a Popular Smartphone Brand?

So far, OnePlus has not earned as much attention as such market leaders as Samsung and Apple. At the same time, Digital Information World reported that this company increased its market share by 428 percent during 2021. Rather than battling head-to-head with the top smartphone brands, OnePlus has drained market share from mid-priced phone companies like Google.

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