6 Kitchen Upgrades to Make Before the Holiday Season

Many people have been doing small kitchen remodels this year. If you haven’t jumped on the renovation train yet, now might be the right time. We outlined some kitchen upgrades that you can make before the holiday season rolls around.

Replace an old appliance

Sometimes the eyesore in your kitchen is an old, run-down appliance. Or maybe it’s more of a hassle; a burner that is broken, a dishwasher that hardly cleans, etc. Now is the time to finally replace that appliance with a new model. Consumer Reports outlined the best appliances of 2020 based on reliability. However, no matter how reliable you think an appliance is, you should still protect it with an extended warranty.

Where to get an appliance warranty

Upsie offers incredibly reliable appliance warranties for far lower prices than the warranties sold at the store. They have two and four year plans for appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges and more. Coverage extends the manufacturer warranty and begins one year after your appliance purchase date, when the manufacturer warranty typically ends. Furthermore, you can purchase a plan up to 11 months after purchasing the appliance. Check out Upsie’s appliance warranty coverage.

Redo your kitchen backsplash

A good kitchen backsplash can transform your kitchen for not a lot of money. Home Depot has a great selection to choose from. Try a white backsplash to brighten up your kitchen or a bright color to add some personality to it.

Paint your cabinets

Another way to upgrade your kitchen is to paint your cabinets. You can hire someone to do it or save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself. It’s also the one thing you can do that will dramatically change the look of your kitchen. Your family will be very impressed by the new look and feel when they come over for the holidays.

Do a deep kitchen clean

Sometimes you don’t need a big kitchen remodel or renovation to spiff it up. A good cleaning can work wonders. Throw away all old cards, get rid of the clutter, organize your pantry and clean your appliances. It’s surprisingly easy to clean stainless steel appliances, and makes a kitchen look polished.

Replace one key feature

One outdated item in a kitchen can make the whole thing look tired. A scratched up sink suggests that the place is unkempt, old knobs make the cabinets look aged and discolored flooring can make any room look ancient. Picking one of these items to update might be all the refresh that your kitchen needs.
Hopefully these kitchen upgrades will help you decide what changes you might want to make before the holiday season. And remember, if you buy a new appliance, protect it with Upsie.

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