How to Purchase an Extended Warranty for Your Appliance

Appliance extended warranties are important to ensure your appliance runs properly for years to come. Luckily, purchasing an appliance extended warranty is easy and available to do on your time with Upsie. We’ll walk through what a warranty is, why you need one and how to purchase the best extended warranty for your appliance.

Appliance protection plan vs. warranty & why you need one

An extended warranty and protection plan are the same thing. ‘Protection plan’ tends to carry a more positive connotation than a warranty because it sounds like your device is being guarded rather than sitting in the land of insurance. Whatever you want to call it, extended warranties for appliances and other electronic devices are important! You need one if you can’t easily afford to replace the appliance out of pocket. After all, not all defects can be repaired. Also, you need one if you want peace of mind that you will never have to shoulder that huge expense in the future.

Best appliance warranty for your kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations are not easy, or cheap. But the kitchen is very much the center of the home; this is where your family will celebrate birthdays, bake holiday cookies and sweat over a Thanksgiving meal. So putting the time into properly planning out your kitchen renovation is important. And, after spending all of that time and money, you should protect your new appliance investments with Upsie.
Imagine this: you just spent thousands of dollars renovating your beautiful kitchen and your new oven breaks 370 days after purchase, when the manufacturer warranty is no longer valid. Now you are shouldering an average expense of $220 to get it repaired! If it’s gas, it will cost even more. Purchasing a warranty from Upsie upfront will ensure that you don’t spend another dime on your beautiful, expensive new kitchen.

Which appliances benefit the most from extended warranties

All appliances benefit from extended warranties, but some break more frequently than others. To be clear, your appliances benefiting really means your wallet is benefitting! According to Yale Appliance, ”Appliances now fail at higher rates than ever.” The boxy, sturdy appliances that our parents grew up with simply do not exist anymore. If you have any gas appliances, those will especially benefit from a warranty. The reason for this is because gas appliances are more expensive to repair due to the hazards of working with gas.

How long after my appliance purchase can I buy an extended warranty?

You have up to 11 months after your appliance purchase date to get an Upsie warranty. This means that you can take a few months to decide if you want the additional warranty protection or not. However, in order to activate your warranty, you do have to upload a picture or copy of your appliance receipt. So we recommend buying the warranty sooner rather than later, when you still have the information on hand.

How does the claims and repair process work?

Claims with Upsie are simple. Sign into your Upsie account and locate the appliance plan that you want to make a claim on. Fill out the online form or call the 24/7/365 claims line where you will speak to a real person. The number is listed in your account. Because Upsie has you upload your appliance receipt when you activate your warranty, the representatives will already have your information. Therefore, they will let you know on the first call if your claim is covered. These are the common defects covered by an Upsie appliance warranty:
  • Mechanical failure
  • Power failure
  • Heating/cooling issues
  • Drain failure
The Upsie representatives will then schedule a certified repair technician to come to your house and repair the appliance. Additionally, there is an unlimited number of claims up to the purchase value of your appliance. This means that you are not limited to one or two claims with Upsie, like you are with other warranty companies.

What if my appliance can’t be fixed?

In the case that your appliance cannot be fixed, or the cost is too great, two things might happen. For one, if you have never made a claim on the plan, Upsie may replace your appliance. If a comparable replacement cannot be found, or if a claim has already been made on the plan, you will be issued a check for the remaining value of the plan. For example, if the refrigerator cost $1,500, and you had a previous claim for $300, you have $1,200 worth of claims left in your account. The check would be written for the remaining value.
If you have any additional questions about how to purchase an Upsie extended appliance warranty, please reach out to them. You can also send them a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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