Why Upsie is the Best Insurance for Used Laptops

Upsie is the best insurance for used laptops, as well as refurbished and new laptops. The reason for this is threefold: low price, comprehensive coverage and great customer service.

How do I get insurance for my used laptop?

Navigate to Upsie’s website and you can buy warranty coverage for your used laptop in just a couple of minutes. Select the laptop brand, condition (new or used) and the price you paid for your laptop before tax and discounts. After purchase, activate your warranty plan by uploading a picture of your receipt and entering basic device information.

What is the best laptop insurance?

The best laptop insurance comes with accidental damage protection in addition to extended manufacturer protection. You’ll find the most comprehensive and reliable plans from Upsie. Their service is quick and you can even bring your Apple laptop to the Genius Bar or another repair shop of your choice.

How much is insurance for a laptop?

Upsie insurance prices for a laptop varies based on the purchase price of the laptop and if it is new or used/refurbished. Here’s a breakdown of Upsie warranty prices as of 6/01/2022 for a two-year warranty:


Laptop Price New Refurbished/Used Deductible
$300-$399.99 $72.99 $90.99 $25
$400-$499.99 $81.99 $102.99 $25
$500-$749.99 $103.99 $122.99 $25
$750-$999.99 $121.99 $138.99 $25
$1,000-$1,499.99 $177.99 $188.99 $25
$1,500-1,999.99 $188.99 $210.99 $25


This is a breakdown of Upsie warranty prices as of 3/22/2022 for a three-year warranty:


Laptop Price New Refurbished/Used Deductible
$300-$399.99 $109.99 $120.99 $25
$400-$499.99 $115.99 $135.99 $25
$500-$749.99 $103.99 $169.99 $25
$750-$999.99 $179.99 $190.99 $25
$1,000-$1,499.99 $258.99 $293.99 $25
$1,500-1,999.99 $314.99 $321.99 $25


How does laptop insurance work?

If you’ve ever bought smartphone insurance, laptop insurance works the same way. With Upsie, your laptop is protected for two or three years, depending on what plan term you purchase. If your laptop malfunctions or falls victim to an accidental drop or spill, make a claim 24/7/365 with Upsie’s claims center. A real person in Florida will answer the phone and walk you through your claim.

Are laptop extended warranties really worth it?

Yes! Laptops are expensive devices to buy and a warranty is the perfect way to protect your investment and your bank account. For example, a screen repair costs around $150. That’s a large expense, especially considering you might accidentally break your screen or have a pixel malfunction multiple times. A laptop warranty will cut repair costs down so all you pay is a small deductible.

What is covered under my extended laptop insurance?

Upsie extended laptop warranties give you the most comprehensive coverage around. Not only do they protect your laptops from accidents, they also extend the manufacturer warranty. Here is a break down of everything that Upsie insurance for used laptops covers:
  • Drops
  • Liquid Damage
  • Power/Battery failure
  • Mechanical failure
  • Wifi Failure
  • RAM Failure
  • Screen Failure

How do I make a claim and get my laptop repaired?

If your laptop breaks or malfunctions, making a claim with Upsie is quick and easy. Locate your laptop warranty plan in your Upsie account. You can either fill out an online form or call the Upsie 24/7/365 claims line directly. A real person will answer your call and walk you through your claim. After your small deductible of $25 is collected, the Upsie representative will schedule your laptop to be repaired quickly and correctly by either taking it to a certified repair shop or by shipping it into Upsie’s claims center. If you have a MacBook, you can even request to take it to an Apple Genius Bar.
Insurance for your used laptop will not only protect it from malfunctions and accidental breakage, it will also protect your bank account from expensive repairs. Upsie’s insurance for used laptops has the lowest prices and the best coverage. If you’re interested in learning more about Upsie, send them a message on Facebook, Twitter or through their website.

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Updated 3/22/2022

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