How to Switch from a SquareTrade Warranty to Upsie

Back in the “good old days” of the mid-2000s, SquareTrade was the young, affordable upstart in the extended warranty and device protection space. Maybe you remember getting a great deal on an extended warranty back in 2008 or so, and you decided to go with SquareTrade again this time.
The only problem? If you take a look at what you’re paying, it might seem a little steep. There’s a reason for this: SquareTrade’s prices aren’t what they were in 2008. They’re now “backed” (read: owned) by All State, and with that backing came a whole lot more overhead, it seems.
SquareTrade’s coverage is pretty similar to the coverage you can get from other companies like Upsie. Indeed, extended warranties are a lot more similar (and a lot safer) than they were in the mid-2000s thanks to the FTC and others enacting consumer protections.
These days, the biggest differentiator tends to be price. And, given the vast difference in prices (more on this below), you might be looking for a way out of your SquareTrade plan. Here’s how to do it.
But first, let’s take a look at this question:

Is SquareTrade a Good Deal Compared to Upsie?

In short, no. Just about any way you slice it, Upsie customers save money compared to SquareTrade customers. SquareTrade charges $8.99 per month. However, they have one of the most expensive deductibles in the industry. They charge a $149 deductible for all claims.
Upsie, in contrast, charges $9.99 per month but has extremely affordable deductibles. For example, Upsie's deductible for cracked screen repairs is $0. Upsie knows that cracked screen damage is the most common claim made by customers. As a result, Upsie makes the cracked screen deductible as affordable as possible — free. Upsie's deductible for other repairs is $109 and $149 for phone replacements.
Let’s look at the cost of warranty coverage and one cracked screen claim after one year. With an inexpensive phone, you’re looking at $256.88 with SquareTrade. With Upsie, that same coverage plus deductible costs $119.88. That’s a difference of almost $140! When it comes to the question of Upsie versus SquareTrade, Upsie is the clear winner on price alone.

Good News: Canceling SquareTrade Is Simple

Canceling an extended warranty from SquareTrade is not hard to do, thankfully. All you need to do is call the SquareTrade phone number at 1-866-318-2173. According to the company’s fine print, Any plan canceled within 30 days of purchase will be refunded at 100%.
The SquareTrade customer service team will take care of most cancellations. Of course, there are exceptions. If you purchased a SquareTrade Costco plan, you must return to your Costco store for the cancellation and refund process. SquareTrade Amazon plans can be canceled using the SquareTrade phone number above.

What About After 30 Days?

If it’s been more than 30 days since you purchased your plan, you can still cancel and get a prorated refund. While you won’t get the full amount that you paid, you can still get a lot back if you haven’t had the plan all that long.
Some SquareTrade protection plan customers choose to pay month by month. These customers can cancel at any time. While they won’t get any money back, they won’t have to keep paying, either.
Once you cancel your SquareTrade extended warranty, all that’s left is to start your new extended warranty with Upsie!

How to Start an Upsie Warranty After Cancelling SquareTrade

Once you’ve canceled your SquareTrade warranty, it’s time to get protected with Upsie. Upsie offers the same high level of protection, including accidental damage protection for most devices. There are even some advantages besides price, like 24/7 access to Upsie's professional claims representatives. Plus, if you’re using an Apple device, you can even get it repaired at the Genius Bar at your local Apple store, if that’s what you prefer.
To get started with Upsie, simply navigate to the proper category page, like smartphone subscription warranties or tablet extended warranties. Chances are, if you have a device that you want covered, Upsie covers it. Upsie even covers video game consoles, including VR sets like Oculus!
Next, for non-smartphone devices, enter the status of your product and the price that you paid before tax and discounts. You may need to provide a receipt or proof of purchase, because with Upsie, there’s a limited timeframe from the purchase date that you can start extended warranty protection. This time frame varies by device type.
Upsie's smartphone subscriptions are even easier. Simply select your plan and check out. You don't even need to upload your receipt because Upsie covers both old and new smartphones.
And that’s about it! Simply click through, pay, and you’re protected against all kinds of defects and component failures, as well as accidental and drop damage for most device types. You can cancel your Upsie subscription warranty at any time with no fees or penalties.
Life’s too short to overpay on extended warranty protections. Switch to Upsie today and save!

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