Get a SquareTrade Warranty Refund and Switch to Upsie

Any time you buy a consumer electronics product, it is essential that you consider multiple factors when making your decision. It helps if you think about the item’s natural lifespan and the right extended warranty to keep it safe. You don’t want to feel stuck with a cracked smartphone, a malfunctioning computer or a TV screen with burn-in for the next several years. So make sure your warranty or insurance plan will cover everything at a reasonable price.
Today, many customers do not have the financial reserves to pay high prices for repairs. Instead, they choose to pay more to buy a new product as a replacement if they haven’t purchased a warranty plan they can trust. But there is a better way.
An extended warranty gives consumers peace of mind, which everyone wants when buying a new device or appliance. However, you need to make sure you are getting the best value for your warranty dollar in terms of flat price, deductible, and a customer-focused approach to care and satisfaction.

What to Know About SquareTrade Extended Warranties

SquareTrade offers an alternative insurance plan option over those offered by manufacturers and big box stores. While SquareTrade’s plans offer a competitive option for consumers in some respects, there are more affordable extended warranty plans from Upsie. Upsie wants you to know you don’t need to overpay for reliable extended warranties with your needs in mind.
Read on to learn more about SquareTrade’s warranty plans, how they measure up to competition like Upsie, and if SquareTrade offers the value you need for your purchases.

What Electronics and Appliances SquareTrade Covers

SquareTrade covers a broad range of products, including:
  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Appliances
  • Televisions
  • And more

What Does an Average SquareTrade Warranty Cost, Compared to Upsie?

Since there is a spectrum of warranty companies around, it is important to look closely at the costs and if they offer you real value for your money. Take a quick look at some of the plans offered by both SquareTrade and Upsie to learn who has the best savings for you.


Regardless of why you plan to buy a laptop, new or refurbished, or for work, school, or gaming, you need it to work consistently and at full capacity. This is especially true if you work remotely and need to attend video conference calls. The right warranty can help troubleshoot your issues. Also, if you can’t fix the issue quickly on your own, you can enjoy same-day repair service with good warranty providers that charge reasonable warranty fees.
Here is the breakdown for laptops in the $500.00-$749.99 range of purchase prices as of 6/01/2022:
  • SquareTrade offers a 2-year warranty plan with a $75 deductible for $199.99 and a 3-year plan with no deductible for $289.99.
  • Upsie offers a 2-year warranty plan with a $25 deductible for $103.99 and a 3-year plan with a $25 deductible for $158.99.
The cost difference is crystal clear, while the coverage options are fairly comparable. For half the cost, you can get high-quality and customer-friendly coverage from an Upsie insurance plan.


Televisions are often the centerpiece for family fun, entertainment and serve as a relief from the workday’s stress. That means you want to keep your television in good working order for everything from the big game to movie night. Here is the breakdown between Upsie and SquareTrade costs and coverage for televisions in the $500.00-$749.99 range as of 6/01/2022:
  • SquareTrade offers a 2-year protection plan for $109.99 and a 4-year protection plan for $109.99 with no deductible for either.
  • Upsie offers a 2-year warranty for $58.99, a 3-year plan for $81.99, and a 5-year protection plan for $137.99 with no deductible for any duration.
Once again, Upsie offers the same, if not better coverage, at more affordable rates for customers looking for the best deal.

Upsie Clearly Offers the Best Value for a Broad Range of Extended Warranty Coverage You Need

Upsie has a philosophy focused on helping consumers care for their expensive devices, gear, and appliances. Even with comparable coverage, Upsie beats the competition, hands down, again and again. It might be time for you to cancel your SquareTrade warranty and sign on with Upsie!

How to Get a Refund on Your SquareTrade Warranty So You Can Start Saving Money with Upsie Right Away

With SquareTrade, you can cancel your plan at any time and for any reason. If you cancel your plan within the first 30 days, the company will issue a full refund. If you do so any time after the first 30 days, SquareTrade will offer a pro-rated refund. Here are some tips to cancel your plan:
  • Visit the company’s website and log into your account.
  • Choose the protection plan you want to cancel.
  • Right-click on “Manage Plan.”
  • Look to the left of the page and under “Plan Information,” then click “Cancel Plan.”
  • Follow the next steps to confirm that you want to cancel.
  • SquareTrade will issue an email confirming your cancellation.
Upsie makes it worth your while to cancel your SquareTrade plan, offering you extensive warranty coverage at a price you will love!
Contact the Upsie customer service team to ask any additional questions about switching over to an Upsie plan that works for you.

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