The Best Extended Warranty for Refurbished Cameras

Some industry watchers call the beginning of the 21st Century a golden age for digital cameras. In 2000, many photographers still relied on film cameras, but manufacturers had just started to introduce various digital cameras.
Of course, most sales in the early 2000s came from beginner-friendly, compact cameras that people could take on vacation. It was easy to upload photos to their computers or various services that could print selected images.
According to 3nsider, improvements in phone cameras have taken a toll on sales of cheaper digital cameras. Since most people always carry a phone, they can use the same device to take pictures, communicate, browse the internet, or play games. For instance, most photos uploaded today to Flickr come from smartphones and not dedicated cameras.

Look for Refurbished High-End Cameras

Today, sophisticated devices that perform better than smartphone cameras represent the hottest digital camera market. Serious amateurs and professionals seek premium DSLR and mirrorless cameras to improve their results. In particular, the mirrorless camera keeps growing, but these advanced models cost more than DSLRs and much more than simple, point-and-shoot models.
This trend also sparked growth in the refurbished camera market for premium cameras. Refurbished cameras give photographers a chance to save money on better equipment. While a pre-owned and renewed camera will cost less than a new one, it’s still not necessarily a cheap camera. That means buyers have plenty of incentive to seek the best extended warranty for refurbished cameras..

Where to Buy Good Refurbished Cameras

Prudent photographers might seek to purchase refurbished cameras directly from manufacturers, large distributors, and some retail outlets. These outlets should offer a seller’s warranty to ensure that the buyer receives a like-new, functioning camera.
For instance, PetaPixel offers a list of good places to purchase refurbished cameras. Most of the items on the list include camera sellers, but Amazon and even Walmart may also provide renewed photographic equipment, and so do such manufacturers as Canon.

How to buy the Best Refurbished Camera Extended Warranty

At the same time, the buyer should take responsibility for finding out about the seller’s warranty before making a purchase. A 30-day seller’s warranty for refurbished cameras qualifies that device for premium protection with an Upsie refurbished camera warranty.
This extended warranty offers the same high-quality, affordable protection for pre-owned cameras and new ones.
Some highlights of Upsie’s extended warranties for cameras and accessories include:
  • Customers get up to 60 days to enroll in a two- or three-year plan.
  • Upsie covers wear, defects, and common accidents, like liquid spills or drops.
  • The 24-7 live claims reps will help customers file claims and find certified repair services.
  • Upsie offers local or mail-in repair options, and the warranty will cover two-day postage for mail-in repairs.
Some people might think this sort of protection will cost a lot. However, Upsie keeps its costs low by offering protection plans directly to customers. Since Upsie doesn’t pay retail commissions to sell extended warranties, it passes substantial savings to customers with lower prices, broader coverage, and better service.
Besides refurbished cameras, Upsie will also cover various camera accessories, like lenses and lights. This consumer-friendly warranty company also offers plans for lenses, appliances, and more. Take time to research the best types and sources of refurbished cameras. Then turn to Upsie to ensure that your photography equipment continues to perform and offer excellent value.

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