The Affordable OnePlus Nord Buds Review

The OnePlus electronics ecosystem is constantly expanding. And the OnePlus Nord Buds is a prime example of that evolution.
These budget-friendly earbuds have an attractive price point of just $39 and have received plenty of hype. But does the quality deliver?

OnePlus Nord Buds Overview

Let’s start with the specs. These earbuds are 27.76 x 20.72 x 23.49 mm in size and weigh 4.82 grams each. They come in a 67.9 mm x 35.5 mm x 28.68 mm charging case that weighs 41.7 grams. There are two microphones per earbud for four total, along with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity with a 10-foot range.
As for features, they boast:
  • A comfortable, ergonomic design
  • 12.4 mm titanium drivers
  • A sound master equalizer
  • AI noise reduction for phone calls
  • IP55 dust and water resistance for supreme durability
  • OnePlus Fast Pair to conveniently connect with OnePlus phones
These earbuds also have lighting-fast charging, with a 10-minute charge lasting five hours, and a full charge lasting seven hours with just the earbuds. However, if you combine the earbuds with the charging case, you get a total of 30 hours.

OnePlus Earbuds: The Good

The biggest selling point of these OnePlus earbuds is definitely the price. At just $39, they cost well below most comparable products. Apple AirPods, for example, start at $129 for the 2nd generation and go all the way up to $249 for AirPods Pro. And starter Sony earbuds like the WF-C500 cost $99.99, while the high-end WF-1000XM4 goes for $279.99.
Although you don’t get all the bells and whistles and the overall clout of brands like Apple and Sony, the OnePlus Nord Buds certainly deliver plenty of quality for a far more affordable price.
Another benefit is the long battery life. With seven hours of listening time on a full charge, that’s two hours more than what 2nd generation Apple AirPods deliver at just five hours. And, with a mere 10-minute quick charge still giving you five hours of listening time, the battery life of OnePlus Earbuds is hard to beat.
Also, the sound quality is very respectable for under $40. The four microphones, 12.4mm titanium drivers, and sound master equalizer combine to create a highly enjoyable listening experience with solid bass to boot.

OnePlus Earbuds: The Bad

The most glaring issue is that there’s no active noise cancellation (ANC) — something that similar products like Apple AirPods have. While that’s not an issue for everyone, it certainly can be for users who want to completely drown outside noise. It should be noted, however, that OnePlus Earbuds do have wind resistance and AI noise reduction. And once you turn the volume up to around 70 percent or more, you can’t hear most outside noise anyway.
Another downside is that some features can only be accessed with OnePlus phones. So if you don’t currently use one of their phones, you won’t quite get the full range of features. However, a simple workaround is to install the HeyMelody app. You can find the Android version here and the iPhone version here.
Besides that, some people think the case is a little bulky when compared to Apple AirPods. That’s by no means a dealbreaker, but it’s not ideal if you’re a fan of minimalist design.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for solid sound, long-lasting battery life, and a comfortable fit at a low price point, OnePlus Nord Buds are a great choice. While you don’t get quite the same spectrum of features as higher-end products like Apple AirPods or Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds, this product delivers outstanding value that’s more than sufficient for most users.

Do You Need an Extended Earbuds Warranty?

The manufacturer’s warranty for this product lasts one year. After that, however, coverage stops. Despite their low price, it’s still recommended to get an extended warranty for the OnePlus Nord Buds just in case there’s an issue later on.
With Upsie, for example, you can get a transparent, easy to understand extended warranty for up to 70 percent less than plans sold in-store. The Upsie earbuds warranty covers:
  • Defects
  • Mechanical failure
  • Speaker failure
  • Cracks
  • Water submersion
Claims can be made 24/7 with real people. Finally, you have full control of your coverage through your account.
Learn more about how Upsie works here.

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