The Complete Raycon Earbuds Lineup in 2022

Earbuds have grown increasingly popular because they offer many features in a tiny package. Perks of these little devices include:
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Fit inside the slimmest pocket
  • Feel comfortable to wear
  • Work with various devices including smartphones and game consoles
According to a Statista survey, most people use their earbuds to listen to music. In addition, many folks also pair them to their TVs and e-readers to watch shows or listen to audiobooks. Earbuds also work with PCs and gaming consoles. Plus, they’re excellent for making phone calls.
Anybody in the market for a pair might consider looking at the Raycon earbuds lineup. This brand hasn’t yet earned the popularity of manufacturers like Apple, Bose, or Sony, but they offer a good alternative. In particular, Raycon thoughtfully designed earbuds for various activities.

Top Raycon Earbuds in 2022

Start comparing earbuds with this cherry-picked selection of top models from Raycon.

Raycon The Work

A Colorado Fox News Affiliate ranked Raycon’s The Work wireless earbuds as their top choice from this brand. As the name implies, they’re particularly well suited for a workplace. Active noise cancellation reduces distractions, while the microphone allows for phone calls and other two-way communication.
The charging case and battery can deliver 32 hours of charge, and the battery lasts for eight hours on its own. Expect to pay about $150.

Raycon The Everyday

The Everyday earbuds from Raycon offer an excellent choice to use at home or during commutes on buses and trains. These earbuds include Clear Voice Capture tech to help improve sound volume for calls.
The Everyday does not come with active noise cancellation, but the right-sized silicone tip can provide passive noise cancellation relatively well. Expect about eight hours of battery life alone or 32 hours with the included charging case. Expect to pay about $80.

Raycon The Gaming

Raycon included gamers in its line of earbuds, and these devices offer very low latency to keep sound and on-screen action in sync. They can connect to various devices via Bluetooth, but sadly, The Gaming earbuds don’t appear to work with Xbox.
Expect about seven hours of battery life on a charge, and the carrying case increases that estimate by 24 hours. Find these earbuds at major retailers for about $100.

Raycon The Fitness

Raycon didn’t leave out fitness enthusiasts. This model doesn’t offer active noise cancellation, but they come with an IPX7 rating, making them resistant to submergence in water for 30 minutes.
The battery lasts for nine hours, and the charging case increases battery life to 54 hours. Raycon also offers additional silicone tips and gel stabilizers in the box to ensure the best fit. These earbuds retail for about $119.

The Best Raycon Earbuds Extended Warranty

Raycon does an excellent job of branding its line of wireless earbuds. For instance, names like The Work, The Everyday, The Gaming, and The Fitness make it easy to figure out which pair to buy for various activities.
Plus, all models come with a charging case, which protects the earbuds and offers a generous amount of extra charges. Only The Work provides active noise cancellation, but the silicone tips help block out extra sounds passively.
It’s also easy to register for an Upsie Raycon earbuds warranty online. Upsie charges up to 70 percent less than its warranty competitors and never skimps on coverage or service. Enjoy 24-7 access to friendly claims representatives by phone, local or mail-in repairs from certified technicians, and coverage for defects, accidents, and wear.
Besides Raycon, Upsie also covers other brands of earbuds or headphones and different kinds of electronics, like smartphones, gaming consoles, and PCs.

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