Is a Garmin Watch Warranty Worth It?

Garmin watches are extremely popular options for those who want a premium fitness tracker with smartwatch capabilities. They are made to be durable so you can wear them while running, swimming, or doing any sort of workout. But a new Garmin watch can cost a couple of hundred dollars. For example, the new Garmin Fenix 7s costs $699.99 for the standard option and $799.99 for the solar edition. After purchasing a new Garmin, you may be hesitant to spend any more money on a smartwatch warranty, especially since they claim to be durable.
So is a Garmin watch warranty worth it?
Yes! But you also need to ensure the warranty plan you purchase has good value. An extended warranty protects your smartwatch from mechanical and accidental damage, depending on the plan. Extended warranties are great investments if they are appropriately priced and can save you money. To determine if a Garmin watch warranty is worth it, look at the price and how much it will cover.

Extended Warranty Coverage

Extended warranties expand and lengthen protection after the manufacturer’s warranty period ends, typically one year from the purchase date. They will give you coverage beyond this one-year period and may cover more than the limited warranty. For example, a standard limited warranty like the one that accompanies a Garmin smartwatch only covers defects in materials or workmanship under normal use. Some extended warranty plans will also cover accidental damage for things like screen cracks and liquid damage.
Watches like the Garmin Instinct or Fenix are made to be used by people on the go and doing intensive activities. Despite being designed for outdoor activities, accidents still happen, and no device is entirely invincible. Furthermore, if something happens to your watch, whether it’s an accident or a manufacturing defect, you don’t want to be stuck paying another couple hundred dollars for a replacement.

Price of Garmin Watch Warranty

Most retailers sell Garmin warranty plans, but they’re overpriced for the service they offer. Remember, warranties are meant to save money if you need to repair or replace your Garmin, not be another significant expense.
Best Buy offers two years of Accidental Geek Squad protection for $79.99 when purchasing a Garmin Fenix 7s. This plan allows you to take your Garmin watch to Best Buy’s Geek Squad for accidental and mechanical damage.
Walmart also has a protection plan you can add to your Garmin watch purchase, but it only covers mechanical defects. It will provide no coverage for accidental damage, which is necessary for a device as on-the-go as a Garmin smartwatch. For example, you could purchase 3-years of coverage for a $339.95 Garmin Instinct for $34. However, this would only help if your watch experiences a manufacturing defect. Even though it may not be super pricey, it’s still not worthwhile for no accidental coverage.

Protect Your Smartwatch with Upsie

Upsie smartwatch warranty plans are the perfect combination of affordable and comprehensive. Customers can protect their $699.99 Garmin Fenix 7s watch for two years for $40.99 or three years for $65.99, both with a $25 deductible. Or, if you purchase a Garmin Instinct 2 for $349.99, you can buy two years of coverage for $35.99 or three years for $55.99, also with a $25 deductible.
For these affordable prices, you’ll receive complete coverage for your smartwatch. An Upsie Garmin warranty covers screen cracks, liquid damage, battery failure, power failure, and more. Whether your watch breaks due to a manufacturing defect or from accidents, Upsie has you covered.
In addition to the excellent price and extensive coverage, Upsie offers customers fantastic customer service. If you have to file a claim, you can do so easily by filling out an online form or calling the claims center. A customer service representative will answer your call 24-7-365. After your claim is approved, Upsie will help you schedule a repair with a local certified technician. With Upsie’s help, you and your Garmin watch will be back to running, swimming, and hiking in no time.
A Garmin warranty is absolutely worth it, but only if you purchase an affordable and comprehensive plan like the ones from Upsie.

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