How to Use a Baby Monitor for Safety and Convenience

Almost every parent has expressed frustration over their inability to inhabit two places at the same time. In particular, new moms and dads feel anxious about leaving infants alone. However, most parents need to leave the nursery sometimes to take care of the house, prepare meals, tend to other children, and of course, nap. A baby monitor can offer a great way to hear and even see what’s going on in the baby’s room.

When to Buy and Start Using a Baby Monitor

According to Very Well Family’s medically reviewed article on using baby monitors, expectant parents should purchase and try out their new baby monitor well before they expect to welcome the new arrival.
Sometimes, other devices may interfere with the baby monitor’s frequency, so parents should work out the bugs before they need to rely on the device. Also, Mom and Dad will have an easier time familiarizing themselves with a new device before they need to devote most of their waking hours attending to a new baby.

Tips for Using a Baby Monitor Safely

Doctors consider brand-name baby monitors safe for most homes. These suggestions can help avoid rare hazards:
  • Place the monitor at least one yard away from cribs. This should position it safely out of arm’s reach as the baby grows and gets more active.
  • Stow cords safely out of the way to keep them from causing a choking or electrical hazard. The monitor should come with some safety warnings and instructions for best practices.
  • Use the monitor for reassurance and convenience, but don’t rely on it to replace adult supervision. Parents or other caregivers still need to enter the baby’s room to check on them.

Types of Baby Monitors

The best baby monitor will depend upon where the baby sleeps, budgets, and the parent’s preferences. This list briefly describes the types of baby monitors:
  • Audio monitors cost the least. They only pick up sounds from the child’s room. Parents should find them simple to use.
  • Video monitors transmit both sounds and visuals. Some have enhanced features, like night vision, zoom, and even tilting.
  • WiFi monitors transmit audio and visual signals to other devices, including phones. That means parents can still monitor the child when away from home.
  • Some, like the Smart WiFi Baby Monitor Camera from Project Nursery, work with such smart home systems as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

The Best Baby Monitor Extended Warranties

Baby monitors can offer reassurance to parents and help protect the newest family member. However, these monitors are still susceptible to damage. New parents can avoid repair bills or replacement costs by protecting their baby monitor with an affordable extended warranty.
An Upsie warranty for baby monitors offers hassle-free claims, prompt repairs, and high-quality service. In addition, customers gain access to Upsie’s 24-7 live claims representatives. Upsie also offers the convenience of postage-paid repairs by mail or local service from a certified technician.
Besides baby monitors, Upsie also offers protection plans for many other pieces of baby equipment, electronics, and appliances. Generally, outfitting a nursery can strain a growing family’s budget. Upsie can remove some of the stress by reducing unplanned repair bills and ensuring high-quality service.

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