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In 2021, overall holiday spending reached $886.7 billion. Many online recommendations in the weeks leading up to the holidays include items like Apple AirPods, Playstation consoles, new smartphones, robotic vacuum cleaners, smart home devices and much more. Those recommendations and the list of electronic gifts that companies like Forbes and others suggested are nearly endless.
New tech is expensive, but luckily extended warranty  plans like Upsie protects your new tech so it lasts for years. Unlike basic manufacturer warranties that come with new products, Upsie sells warranties that also cover accidental damage from drops, spills, immersion in liquid, and other hazards that can damage your favorite, new device.
You can think of an Upsie extended warranty as a service contract in which Upsie promises to repair or replace your device if it’s damaged.

If It’s Tech, Upsie Protects It

What products does Upsie protect? It’s probably safe to say that if it has a power source, Upsie probably covers it. Here’s a general list of tech items Upsie currently protects:

How Upsie Plans Work

It’s easy to protect your electronic device with Upsie. Here’s how their extended warranties work:

1. Purchase Your Warranty

Upsie gives you time to purchase your protection plan. How long you have to get protection after purchase is broken down as follows:
  • Anytime: Smartphones of any age including used, refurbished and recently repaired phones that are not already broken.
  • 11 Months: TVs, large appliances and fitness equipment.
  • 60 Days: All other devices. Upsie also offers protection for used or refurbished portable devices including laptops, tablets, etc.

2. Coverage Begins

Upsie‘s coverage starts on day one and overlaps with the manufacturer warranty. When the manufacturer warranty expires, Upsie’s full coverage begins. For plans excluding smartphone subscription warranties, if the plan has accidental damage protection, coverage for that begins immediately.
For smartphone subscription warranties, protection for accidents starts 90 days after activation UNLESS you purchased your phone in the last 30 days. When you activate your plan, upload the purchase receipt showing the purchase date and protection for accidents will start immediately.

3. Manufacturer Warranty

All new devices (excluding smartphones) must come with at least a 90-day manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, used or refurbished devices (excluding smartphones) must come with at least a 30-day seller warranty. Upsie plans overlap with the manufacturer’s warranty and take over the coverage after it expires.

4. File a Claim

Call Upsie 24/7/365 to make a claim with a live person. This number is located under your My Account page. You can also fill out a form and one of Upsie's friendly reps will call you.

5. Repair Your Device

Upsie offers four types of repair: Local, Ship It In, In-Home Repair, and Replacement. Options for repair vary per device category and condition. We’ll help you choose the most convenient and fastest option for you.

What Does an Upsie Plan Cost?

Upsie is a more affordable warranty option for electronic devices, appliances, fitness equipment, and more. They have excellent coverage and a smaller price tag for most plans because Upsie believes that everyone should be able to protect the devices they use and love.
In fact, Upsie’s pricing can help you save compared to other extended warranty providers!
For example, here’s a snapshot of Upsie’s subscription pricing for AirPods (2nd generation) priced at $129. In this chart, we compare the cost of a non-battery repair.
AirPods Warranty Upsie SquareTrade Apple Repair
2 Year Coverage $18.99 - $29 -
3 Year Coverage $25.99 $54.99 - -
Deductible $25 - $29 -
Cost of 1 repair $43.99 $54.99 $58 $89
No matter what company sells an extended warranty, the plans always have two cost components. The basic price for the plan appears in the “2-Year Coverage” or “2-Year Coverage” row. Meanwhile, the “Deductible” row shows the amount you’ll pay for each repair.
As you can see, your savings with Upsie are dramatic whether your device needs one repair or several over the life of the contract.
This illustration is just one snapshot. Check out Upsie’s Extended Warranty page for more price comparisons, including specific pages for the devices you’d like to protect.

Protect Your Holiday Gifts

Upsie has your back, even on weekends and holidays. Their claims team is ready to help you schedule a repair 24-7-365 so you will never have a broken device for long. You can also call the Upsie headquarters with general questions seven days a week 9am-4pm CT. They are happy to help answer any questions you have!

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