Top Protection for Your Amazon Prime Day Purchases in 2021

Each year, the mammoth e-commerce website hosts Amazon Prime Day, which has become a wildly popular annual sales event. That means, as a Prime member, you'll enjoy amazing deals and sales on products throughout the marketplace.
You might need anything from hardware, fitness equipment, or high-end electronics, and there's a great chance you'll find a deal on something you want. But keep in mind that you're still buying products with your hard-earned money that you want to protect from damage. So explore your warranty options to keep everything running smoothly.

Why Do People Love Amazon Prime Day So Much?

If you've never participated in an Amazon Prime Day sale, you might not understand all the buzz about it. You might think of it as another Black Friday or Cyber Monday event to encourage you to buy products, and that's part of it, but there's more to it.
While the day after Thanksgiving isn't exactly waiting until the last minute before Christmas, some people like to do their shopping as early as possible to get great deals. They might not actively shop for items but will buy something they know a family member will love and put it away until the holidays. With Amazon Prime Day, they can set aside a specific time, or as much time as they'd like, to do some serious targeted shopping, getting everything taken care of.
And you can certainly shop for yourself on Prime Day. Whether you need a new smartphone, television, stationary bike, laptop, or DSLR camera, the chances are great that Amazon will offer a little of everything. You can use the money you save on your own upgrades to buy something special for your loved ones, whether on Prime Day or sometime before the holidays.
Keep in mind that, as more retailers in the Amazon Marketplace participate, it creates more competition among all sellers. This means a much better chance of savings for you, no matter what you're looking to buy.

No Matter How Much You Save, It's Important to Protect Your Purchases

You might tell yourself that, with all the savings you can take advantage of while shopping on Amazon Prime Day, you can afford to skip the warranty and take your chances. But, do you really want to do that? Don’t you want or need the products you buy to stay in good condition for at least a few years? Most people don't want to risk dealing with a mechanical failure as soon as the manufacturer's limited warranty expires. Why? Well, it usually means paying out-of-pocket for repairs, or buying another item to replace it. You definitely don't want to do that.

What Is the Top Rated Protection for Your Amazon Prime Day Purchases in 2021?

So, how do you protect your Amazon Prime Day purchases without feeling like you're undoing the great deal you made? First, of course, you'll have the standard one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, but as always, "limited" is the operative word. That's why you'll often see an opportunity to add on a warranty when buying certain items, especially high-end electronics, fitness equipment, or hardware.
For instance, Amazon regularly works with Asurion, a product insurance provider for a broad range of Amazon products. However, reports indicate that Asurion lacks customer service commitment, leaving their review pages riddled with poor reviews from customers who expected more for their investment. It's easy to think that it's a great deal because you're attaching it to your Amazon purchase, but that doesn't seem to be the standard case. Even with a reasonable price, you want to feel confident that the warranty provider will address your needs completely and on time.

Upsie Offers Top Rated Protection for Your 2021 Amazon Prime Day Purchases

With an Upsie extended warranty for a broad range of Amazon Prime Day products and lightning deals, you'll know you are getting the best customer service available.
Upsie makes it easy to take advantage of great prices for a range of products for even more great prices. Here are the basics about how Upsie works:
  • Purchase your Upsie warranty for up to 60 days for most products after making your purchase.
  • Plans including accidental damage coverage begin on the 31st day after the date you purchase your warranty. Otherwise, it begins as soon as your manufacturer's limited warranty ends.
  • File a claim by calling the Upsie claims team 24/7/365, where you'll always talk to a real person and not have to deal with an automated call.
  • Upsie will repair your device with the help of local techs conveniently located near you. Alternatively, ship-it-in or even receive in-home repairs and replacements for large items such as TV’s and appliances.
For smartphones, Upsie's warranty plan is slightly different. Upsie offers a smartphone subscription warranty with no eligibility window, meaning you can purchase Upsie's warranty for both old and new smartphones for just $9.99 per month.
Upsie wants to help you protect your purchase with a warranty that is truly affordable. Contact the customer service team to learn more about Prime Day purchase protection and much more.

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