Explore the Best Beginner Cameras for New Photogs in 2021

Developing photographic skills takes an investment in education, practice, and of course, buying the right equipment. Budding photographers might face their very first challenge when they set out to purchase cameras. Types of cameras, prices, and features vary dramatically. It’s important to pick out the camera that will best support the way the photographer intends to use their new equipment now and in the future.
Some novices might have a specific goal in mind. Mostly, new photographers just want to start by learning to take good photos under a variety of conditions. Others want to advance their skills enough to use their photos professionally. To find a camera that satisfies primary goals and leaves some room for growth, look at these great choices for beginner cameras in 2021.

What to Know About Beginner Cameras

Photography novices may not know how to begin comparing their many options. Here are some important camera features to consider:
  • Resolution: Digital cameras state their resolution in megapixels, or MP. According to TechRadar, 12 MP should produce clear images for average-sized prints. If you want to print larger photos, you will need 36 or even 40 MP.
  • Sensor size: Typically, the larger the sensor, the better the camera will function in imperfect lighting conditions. Even with good lighting, larger sensors allow for better color reproduction.
  • Connectivity: A digital camera will connect to other devices or even directly to websites to transfer images. Cameras may offer WiFi, Bluetooth, or NFD connectivity, or even multiple ways to connect.
  • Camera design: Camera weight, ergonomics, and types of controls can vary considerably between models. All of these aspects of a camera can impact satisfaction with carrying and using it.
  • Camera lenses: Cameras might have fixed or interchangeable lenses. Some people prefer to switch out lenses for the perfect shot; however, lots of beginners prefer not to have to carry multiple lenses.
Find out more about different kinds of cameras by reading this Upsie guide to DSLR, mirrorless, and point-and-shoot cameras.

Great Beginner Cameras for Budding Photographers in 2021

To help beginners find the perfect camera, consider these top picks to understand the range of choices on the market:
  • Budget point-and-shoot: According to CNET, the Samsung SH100 offers the best set of features for budding photographers who want a point-and-shoot camera that works a lot like the camera apps on their smartphone. Find it retailing for about $150.
  • A high-end camera to launch budding photographers: The Fujifilm X-T200 can produce amazing quality with little fuss but offers interchangeable lenses and manual controls to develop photography skills. The $799 price should appeal to people who want to take high-quality photos fast but get serious about developing their skills.
  • Instant physical print photos: The Polaroid Go doesn’t cost much and produces instant physical prints, so it makes a great choice for kids and even some adults. For only $29, it’s inexpensive to try.
  • Action cameras: Cameras like the GoPro Hero9 can go where the action is, even during such intense sports as biking or surfing. Expect to pay about $399 for a new Hero9.

Complement the Best Digital Cameras With the Best Protection Plan

Very often, budding photographers want to take their new cameras with them on the go. This alone can make these sensitive devices prone to damage and wear. An affordable extended warranty for cameras from Upsie provides sensible protection for the way that people use their cameras.
Upsie protection plans cover accidental drops or liquid damage, mechanical failures, and much more. Even better, they’re available up to 60 days after buying a new or refurbished camera. In addition, they offer 24-7 claims, customer service by phone or online and local repair options.
Take some time to find the best beginner camera, and then make the right choice to protect the camera with an Upsie warranty. Besides cameras, Upsie also covers camera lenses, other camera accessories, and even other types of electronics and appliances.

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