Finding the Best Nikon Camera Extended Warranty

Nikon can trace its company history back over more than a century. They first gained global attention with the release of their SLR cameras in the early 1960s. Nikon cameras even made it into space, and as an interesting note, 12 Nikon cameras were left on the moon. The company also manufactured some of the first digital cameras and continues to maintain their reputation as a high-quality, innovative camera maker to this day.

Which Nikon DSLR Camera is Best?

On the topic of SLR cameras, the Nikon D3500 ranked first in TechRadar’s ranking of good digital SLRs for 2021. In particular, they recommended this model as a good introduction to this kind of camera. In contrast, the Nikon D780 costs quite a bit more, but it provides some innovative features that advanced amateurs and pros will love.

The Nikon D3500: A Great, Budget-Friendly DSLR

At some retailers, the D3500 sells for less than $500, and TechRadar said that it provided an excellent value. It has simple controls that make it easy for anybody to get started. At the same time, it’s sophisticated enough to rival much more expensive products when used with skill.

The Nikon D780: A Truly Advanced DSLR With Mirrorless Features

The D780 provides photographers with a sort of hybrid between a mirrorless camera and DSLR. That makes it a great choice for sophisticated photographers who hope to maximize the benefits of both types of cameras. This article on Upsie provides a good explanation of SLR vs. mirrorless camera technology.
In summary, the D780 provides a higher end choice that retails for around $2,300. The main drawbacks include its size and weight.

Why Buy a Nikon Camera Extended Warranty?

New cameras will come with a one-year, limited warranty, as explained on the Nikon warranty page. This limited warranty explicitly only covers possible defects from the factory and does not provide any protection against wear, environmental issues, or accidents.
For just $62.99, consumers can extend this warranty for a $500 Nikon camera and enjoy much broader protection with a Nikon extended camera warranty from Upsie. This protection plan offers:
  • 24-7 claims from live customer service reps
  • A choice of local or mail-in repairs from certified repair services
  • Covered repairs for damage from drops, spills, and much more
  • Protection plans for new and many refurbished cameras
  • Up to 60 days after purchase to enroll in Upsie protection plans for cameras
  • A choice of two- and three-year extended camera warranties

How to Protect Nikon Cameras With Upsie

It’s easy to get started with an Upsie warranty too. In addition to Nikon cameras, Upsie also provides extended warranties for other brands, video cameras, and camera lenses. To find out more, follow these steps:
  • Just click the type of product on the camera warranty page. The next page has a short form to specify the brand and price paid.
  • The page will also display Upsie’s transparent prices and coverage details. Upsie customers don’t have to worry about wading through pages of fine print and exclusions at all. Scroll down to the bottom for a list of frequently asked questions or call customer service for more help.
  • After choosing a warranty plan, simply register online. Just make certain to save the purchase receipt to use in the registration process.
Most photographers spend a lot of time choosing a high-quality, feature-rich camera. It makes sense to spend just a little more time to choose the best warranty. After all, cameras are designed to be used, and with an Upsie warranty, camera owners can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their well-considered purchase is also protected by the best extended warranty. All Upsie camera warranties include accident protection to guard against drops and spills, and the claims line is open 24/7/365.

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