The Best Sony Camera Insurance for New or Used Models

Nobody can say which camera brand comes out on top. Several name-brand manufacturers offer many types of cameras in a variety of price ranges. Still, Sony cameras generally show up on reviewers’ lists of the best cameras in various categories. Sony camera insurance is an important addition for anyone who purchases a new, used or refurbished camera body or lens. We recommend Upsie camera insurance, and we’ll explain why.

Is Sony a Top Camera Brand?

Yes. For instance, TechRadar rated the Sony A7R IV and Sony A1 highly for full-frame, expert or professional cameras. They also liked the Sony ZV-E10 mirrorless travel camera for new camera bugs and vloggers with a beginner to intermediate level of skill. These cameras range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and will appeal to different kinds of photographers.

Why Purchase Extended Warranties for Sony Cameras?

Photography skills, intended uses, and budgets will impact which camera or camera brand satisfies individual photographers. All of the settings and lens choices might frustrate a new photographer, and a lack of features and options will disappoint a pro.
However, everybody can agree that today’s cameras function as complex systems. They don’t just take pictures, but also function as computers with intelligent features and the ability to connect to other devices through WiFi, cell networks, and Bluetooth.
Sony earned a good reputation for producing a wide variety of durable, high-quality cameras. Even so, any electronics that get carried around, exposed to weather, and used a lot may suffer from malfunctions along the way.
Along with such common mechanical issues as stuck shutters and cracked lenses, they’re vulnerable to connectivity and electronic component problems. Like all electronic devices, more features often translate to more potential points of failure. A high-quality extended warranty ensures prompt, affordable repairs and access to qualified service technicians.

Why Compare Sony Camera Insurance?

Sadly for consumers, not all warranty companies will deliver the same experience. The Federal Trade Commission gathered plenty of information about extended warranties, and according to the FTC, consumers should compare warranty plans to ensure they get the best deal.
That means that prudent photographers will not succumb to pressure at the sales counter or brightly covered banners on their shopping cart. Just as they took care to select the best camera for their needs, they should also take some time to compare extended warranty plans. Coverage, price and service will all vary between the different warranty options.

Why Choose an Upsie Extended Warranty for Sony Cameras?

Photographers may not always agree when they compare various camera brands. Everybody can agree that they expect excellent service and broad coverage when they choose an extended warranty.
An Upsie Extended Warranty for Sony cameras offers:
  • Plans cost up to 70 percent less than their name-brand competitors. This lets Upsie customers invest more money in the camera and not the warranty.
  • Upsie employs live phone reps to handle claims and customer service. They have claims reps by the phone 24-7.
  • Upsie warranty coverage includes repairs of damage because of accidents, wear, and defects to electronic, mechanical, and physical components.
  • Upsie will send a replacement camera or reimbursement if covered repairs are not feasible under the warranty terms.
Even more, Upsie understands that many photographers buy used cameras because the pre-owned market gives them a chance to save money on more advanced technology. If the used camera comes with a seller’s limited warranty, Upsie will offer an extended warranty on used Sony cameras too.

How to Get an Upsie Warranty for New or Used Sony Cameras

For new or used cameras, new customers can take up to 60 days to get an Upsie warranty. Visit the Sony extended warranty page to view their clear terms, prices and coverage. If anything goes wrong, just contact Upsie’s claims representatives and they’ll help get your camera up and running again in no time.

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