Nikon Versus Canon Cameras: Top Cameras on the Market

Are you ready to take your wildlife, family or other photography to the next level? You might feel overwhelmed as you launch your camera search. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to narrow down your primary options to Nikon and Canon since they are the benchmark in quality cameras. That still leaves you with what many consider a massive undertaking in deciding which photo giant suits your photo style, skill level, accessory needs, and budget.
After selecting a brand, you then have to break it down by all the lines and models offered. Since both camera brands come with a big price tag, it’s also essential that you find the best extended camera warranty, so you never miss a photo opportunity.
Take some time to learn more about each imaging giant and what their products can do for you.

Nikon Versus Canon Cameras

Even if you are new to the idea of jumping into high-end cameras, you’ve probably heard these brand names. They both offer lower-end, everyday consumer-friendly cameras to capture candid moments around the house or on vacations. However, if you plan to ramp up your photography skills as an integral part of your hobby, education, or profession, you’ll need to explore each company’s offerings. Each offer an array of models, whether mirrorless, digital, or point-and-shoot.


When you are ready to immerse yourself in the world of photography, Nikon has remained a leader in the field for plenty of good reasons. Since 1917, Nikon company has forged a path in helping amateur and professional image-lovers take the perfect shot in stills and videos. Nikon has created, led, and embraced innovations that have kept their loyal photograph customers up-to-date on the latest trends, features, and accessories to help them capture and create something extraordinary.
Take a few moments to learn the different cameras Nikon offers and what each can do to enhance your photography enjoyment and expertise.

Nikon Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Nikon and Canon both took the point-and-shoot concept, a camera style introduced by Apple QuickTake in 1994. Also known as compact cameras and sometimes referred to as “P&S” cameras, the point-and-shoot is an automated digital camera. It is one that offers you the benefits of a manual DSLR or mirrored SLR without a steep learning curve. These cameras are smaller and faster, allowing you to rely on autofocus and other automated settings, such as exposure. P&S cameras are more affordable and lightweight than manually operated models, making them attractive for more casual photographers who want to capture vacation and family moments quickly and with good quality.
Nikon’s Coolpix has stood as a top contender in compact cameras for years. Its latest Coolpix W150 model connects to Wi-Fi and is a current favorite on the market. It is touted as waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, and dustproof. Use it underwater to depths of six-feet.

Nikon DSLR Cameras

Nikon offers amateur and professional photographers a broad range of options in mirrorless DSLR cameras. From beginners and starters to experts, there is something for everyone at every budget point and skill level. The Nikon 3400 is among the favorites for beginners, featuring 24.3mp and a long-lasting battery, while professionals take a closer look at the Nikon D5300, loaded with fun extras.


A slightly younger company, Canon got its start in 1933, developing rangefinder cameras. Over the years, the company has caught up to Nikon and frequently finds itself neck-and-neck in competition for a similar base of loyal customers. Focused on quality and innovation, Canon offers several lines of high-quality cameras in P&S, mirrorless, and DSLR.

Canon Point-and-Shoot Cameras

The Canon PowerShot has a long, solid history as a casual P&S camera for beginners. Featuring a 25x zoom and good grip features, the PowerShot also takes high-quality 20mp images and has built-in Wi-Fi for easy and fast transfer of files.

Canon DSLR Cameras

Canon DSLR camera prices often run a little less expensive, making them attractive for photographers on a budget. That isn’t to say Canon’s digital cameras are cheap. But frequently they offer beginners an entry into the field with less risk to their savings account. The Canon EOS Rebel T7i is a perennial favorite that is user-friendly and packed with features. Its 24.2mp sensor offers excellent image quality and performance for a price under $1,000.

Nikon and Canon Cameras Offer High-Quality Images and Enjoyment

Both camera brands offer you options at all skill levels, price points, and intentions so that you will find benefits in both. Regardless of which brand or experience you choose, you will need to protect your investment. After all, no one wants to worry about breaking their camera while they’re busy taking pictures. With an Upsie extended camera warranty, you can relax and enjoy your purchase no matter where you go for your photography adventures.

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