3 High-Performance, Compact Cameras for Traveling Light

Even serious photographers may not want to carry their pro-level cameras and accessories on trips. These kinds of kits often cost thousands of dollars, feel burdensome to carry, and won’t fit into a pocket or small dry bag.
Still, professional and serious amateur photographers may want a better option than just taking along their smartphone for photos. With that in mind, consider the outstanding features of three compact cameras for travel.

Three Compact Cameras for Traveling Light

Even picky photographers might find these three compact cameras worth packing.

Panasonic Lumix ZS200 / TZ200: Superior Zoom and Image Quality

This camera comes with a generous, one-inch sensor and 15x zoom. Even though this configuration sacrifices some zoom range, it offers surprisingly good image quality for a compact camera. The electronic viewfinder also helps compose shots in bright light. In addition, the Lumix ZS200 / TZ200 shoots 4k video at 10 fps.
Most photographers will find this compact camera surprisingly satisfying. However, the camera costs about $700, so some budget-minded photographers may hesitate to spend that much on a compact camera.

GoPro Hero 9 Black: Great for Active Shots and Video

TechRadar called the GoPro Hero 9 Black the most versatile camera for active photographers on the go. It offers a 20MP resolution for stills and 4K video up to 60fps. For about $349 on sale at many retailers, this camera is affordable, and many will find it worth the price.
GoPro designed these cameras to focus mostly on video. As a result, photographers who are used to professional setups for taking stills will find the sensor small. Still, the compact size, relatively durable build, and compatibility with a variety of mounts make the Hero 9 Black a popular choice for travel photographers and vloggers.

Olympus TG-6: Amazingly Durable

Any photographers who want to take photos while they’re snorkeling, walking in frozen vistas, battling supervillains or rock climbing might consider the TG-6. According to TechRadar, this camera can survive submerging in water to 15 feet, freezing temperatures down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, dropping to hard surfaces from seven feet, and getting stepped on by a 220-pound person.
This camera retails for about $450. Olympus certainly made it tough, so people can take it to places they wouldn’t want to risk a professional camera or even their smartphone.
On the other hand, the 12MP resolution and 4X zoom might not perform that much better than a good smartphone camera. People who really need a durable camera and don’t expect more than acceptable image quality should feel satisfied with its performance. Cheaper cameras and even smartphone cameras may perform just as well, but they can’t hold up under the same conditions.

Where to Find the Best Travel Camera Extended Warranties

People buy travel cameras because they want a portable device that’s convenient for travel without relying on a smartphone. Often, travel cameras take higher-quality photos than smartphones. In other cases, they may simply have more rugged designs, so the ruggedness spares expensive photographic equipment from possible harm.
Either way, people take risks with a travel camera that they wouldn’t dare with other kinds of cameras. That makes an extended warranty for a travel camera from Upsie even more important to consider. These protection plans cover accidents, mechanical damage, screen problems, and more. Upsie even provides 24-7 claims services and either local or mail-in repair options.
Best of all, Upsie charges up to 70 percent less than other name-brand camera warranty providers. With low prices and premium protection, Upsie makes the choice clear — protect your travel camera with Upsie.

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