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General / Use
What is Upsie?

Upsie is a mobile app that provides an easier & better way to protect your stuff. You get the same warranties and coverage offered by other companies, but at an affordable price. No annoying sales pitch. No big price markups.

Why is Upsie different?

The main differences between Upsie and the warranties you’re offered elsewhere are simplicity and price. Upsie costs SO. MUCH. LESS. And, because it’s an app, it makes everything super simple. You can search warranties or scan a barcode when you’re shopping in store and get pricing and coverage info right then & there.


You can purchase warranties or start the claims process—all within the app. It will even organize your receipts and remind you when your warranties are about to expire.

How does it work?

The Upsie app makes the previously confusing warranty process a heckuva lot simpler. All warranty pricing and coverage options are right there in the app.


Even your receipts are photographed and stored! You can purchase coverage, start a claim or even scan a barcode while shopping to see what warranties are available for that item. So, to sum it all up? It works LIKE A DREAM.

Why should I buy from Upsie instead of where I buy my device/appliance?

To be frank, if you’re buying warranties elsewhere, you’re paying too much. It’s a case of the “huge middleman markup.” Warranties are offered by insurance carriers, and these warranties are padded with a big upcharge and resold to you through the store or other service provider.


Besides the MUCH lower prices, Upsie streamlines and simplifies the process, letting you purchase the warranty when you choose (up to 60 days after purchase for most items, and up to 45 days for smartphones). You avoid the confusing sales pitch and the HUGE price tag. That’s why Upsie is able to offer the same warranties at much lower prices. Plus, it organizes all your info for multiple warranties and plans in one place!

Why do Upsie warranties cost so much less?

When you buy a warranty from another provider, they’re making money by charging you a large fee on top of the warranty costs. Basically, you’re paying them for just selling you the contract. I know. Whaaat??!


The Upsie app lets you access and purchase your warranties without the big middleman upcharge they’ve added in the past. You keep more of your money and still have access to the same great warranties.

What if I’m having issues with the app on my smartphone?

Please reach out to us with more information about your issue by emailing us at: info@upsie.com or on our Contact Us page on Upsie.com.

How do I view warranties without my smartphone app?

Check out the My Stuff section of our website!

Can I cancel my warranty purchase?

Yes, you can! At any time! Go to our Contact Us page and select the Cancel option, include the policy # that you want to cancel. We will send a confirmation email to make sure we are canceling the correct plan and issue a refund after we receive your response. Just a reminder if you cancel within the first 30-days you will receive a full refund, after that it is a prorated refund while the plan is active (if you haven’t made a claim).

How can I contact Upsie?

There are a few ways to contact us. You can tweet to @UpsieHQ, visit our Contact Us page, or email us at info@upsie.com.

Sign-Up / Purchasing Upsie Warranties
What’s covered?

Upsie can cover a lot of your gadgets and gear. While we plan on continuously adding new categories, right now you can see all of the product types you can cover by looking here.

Why don’t I see my specific device/appliance model?

Upsie covers all makes/models within the selected product category/brand (as long as they come with at least a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty in the United States). We included the most commonly used products and brands for your searching convenience. If you do not see your specific brand/product category, please email info@upsie.com or tweet us @UpsieHQ.

What if you don’t have a category for my item? Why don’t you cover _________________?

We are continuously adding more categories and items, but love to hear your suggestions. Please reach out to us via our Contact Us page to make a recommendation.

What if I already have a warranty through my provider/retailer?

The nice thing about warranties is you have the freedom to cancel at any time. Check your terms and conditions for information about cancelling your current plan.

Do I need proof of purchase? Do I need to have a receipt for my product?

To purchase warranties through Upsie, your item must have been purchased within the past 60 days (up to 45 days for smartphones), and you need a valid proof of purchase.  Your proof of purchase must show the date of purchase, the manufacturer, the model number and the purchase price.

Why do you need my receipt?

In order to make a claim, your receipt verifies the following information: the date of purchase, the manufacturer, the model number and the purchase price.

What if I lost my receipt?

If you lose your receipt, you have a couple of options. First, try getting a reprint of the receipt from the retailer or provider where you originally purchased your product. If they cannot give you a receipt, you may be able to call the manufacturer with the product ID or serial number and get proof of purchase/ownership within the valid time frame (60 days for most products and up to 45 days for smartphones).

What if I can’t take a picture of my receipt?

Please email us at receipt@upsie.com and include the following information:

  • Warranty identifer # in the subject line (found in your warranty details page, under “My Stuff.”
  • Clear image of receipt (or forward the online retailer’s receipt email).
My item was on sale. Can I get a warranty for the full replacement value?

No. The warranty covers the price at the time of the purchase.

Do you cover items labeled as open-box?

Yes, as long as the product was purchased in a store, and the product’s original manufacturer’s warranty still has time left on it. It also must be in excellent condition without any damage.

Can I get coverage for my refurbished or used item?

Unfortunately, no. At this time, we do not cover refurbished or used items. Check back for more updates about buying refurbished and used items.

Does it have to be a new item?

Yes. You can only get coverage for an item purchased within the last 60 days for most products and up to 45 days for smartphone warranty purchases.

How much does it cost and how long am I covered?

You can find coverage information and pricing by browsing warranties on the Upsie app on your mobile device. Simply choose the category for your selected item and device/appliance type for info. Or, use the Upsie barcode scanner within the app and scan the barcode on the item to pull up warranty coverage and pricing info.

How long does it take to buy, and how will I get my policy?

You can get coverage within just a few taps through the app. You will be able to access your policy within the app, under “My Stuff” as soon as you have made your purchase. You will also receive your warranty receipt with the policy details at the email address you provided in your account.

Claims Handling
How do I make a claim?

Starting the claims process is simple. Open the Upsie app and tap the “Claims” area on your screen. This action will bring you to a prompt to initiate the claims process. From there, you will be directed to call the Upsie claims center, and they will already have all of your account info and receipts from within the app to begin the process with you.

Is there a deductible?

One of the best things about Upsie? There is NO DEDUCTIBLE! That’s right. Zero dollars. But, if you choose to purchase accidental (ADH) coverage for a device or appliance, those items will have a $25 deductible (smartphones have a $75 deductible). But that’s the lowest-priced deductible in the warranty industry, so that’s still pretty awesome.

How do I file a claim without the use of my smartphone/app?

To make a claim without the use of the app, go to upsie.com and use the claim number provided. You will need your receipt. If you no longer have the original copy, you can email receipt@upsie.com if you’ve submitted it in the app, and we will send it to you.

Why do I have to call someone to make a claim?

Upsie wants to offer you the best possible customer experience, so we want to talk with you directly to efficiently help you through the claims process.

What if my smartphone is broken or stolen?

See “How do I file a claim without the use of my smartphone/app?” above.

Does Upsie coverage work on stolen or lost items?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

What happens when I purchase Accidental Coverage?

If purchased, accidental coverage augments your service agreement by providing protection against sudden and unforeseen accidental damage from handling your product, provided such damage was in the course of regular and normal use of the product by you.


  • For smartphones, if accidental coverage was purchased the same day of product purchase , then you can make a claim whenever. Otherwise, you can make a claim on the 31st day from when the warranty was purchased.
  • For all other products, if accidental coverage was purchased, then you can make a claim on the 31st day from when the warranty was purchased.