JAXJOX InteractiveStudio Versus NordicTrack Vault

Pandemic restrictions closed gyms for several months. At that time, manufacturers seized the chance to introduce more customers to home fitness studios. In contrast to exercise machines, these studios generally focus on strength training and offer participants the opportunity to vary their fitness routines.
The NordicTrack Vault may have the most brand recognition because the company has decades of experience producing home fitness equipment, including interactive exercise machines that work with an online iFit membership. However, as the market expanded, companies like JAXJOX announced competitive products that some home fitness buffs might find attractive.

Compare JAXJOX Interactive Studio Versus NordicTrack Vault

Before purchasing a home fitness studio, take a few minutes to compare JAXJOX Interactive Studio versus NordicTrack Vault.

JAXJOX Interactive Studio

JAXJOX hasn’t released the Interactive Studio to market yet, but they already offer some components. Interactive Studio will come with a 43-inch touchscreen display, a foam roller, and Kettlebell Connect 2.0. The set also includes two new products, Pushup Connect and Dumbbell Connect.
Besides using the display to access fitness content, users can also stream TV shows through services like Amazon Prime. Plus, the screen can rotate horizontally or vertically. These features should appeal to many value-minded customers. In addition, customers can either wait for the bundle, slowly build up the set by buying parts, or only purchase the components they plan to use. The Interactive Studio will cost $2,199.
Like NordicTrack’s iFit, JAXJOX also offers subscriptions for its interactive fitness content. A regular subscription that lets one person use specific components costs $13 a month. The Studio subscription costs $39 a month, allows access to all content, and allows six family members to create their profiles. According to Engadget, JAXJOX will begin accepting preorders for the Interactive Studio on September 1.

NordicTrack Vault

At first glance, the Vault looks like a full-length mirror. The mirror covers a cabinet that can hold fitness equipment such as exercise bands and free weights. In addition, the mirror functions as a touchscreen to stream fitness videos and other content.
The entire setup costs $2,399, and a $39 monthly subscription accesses iFit’s massive content library. People who already have their own fitness equipment can buy an unstocked Vault for $1,999. According to NordicTrack, users can save money on their subscription by paying $180 a year for an individual plan or $396 a year for a family plan that allows up to five members to create profiles.

Is the NordicTrack Vault or JAXJOX Interactive Studio Better?

JAXJOX gives people a chance to mix and match components, so they can choose to buy the entire Interactive Studio or mix and match various fitness equipment and matching content. The JAXJOX screen also functions as a TV, and the complete setup offers plenty of variety. Thus, the Interactive Studio might provide excellent value to people who have trouble spending over $2,000 on the complete set of home fitness equipment.
In contrast, the Vault is slim and looks like a mirror when closed. So it might make a good choice for people who don’t have a spare fitness room. Also, NordicTrack has accumulated an extensive library of content, and many people already have an iFit membership that they use with other workouts.

How to Protect Home Fitness Studio Equipment

Today’s home fitness studios don’t just come with dumbbells and mats. They also offer high-resolution screen displays and plenty of online content. People who invest in these sophisticated fitness systems hope to use them regularly for a long time.
Luckily, Upsie offers a home fitness equipment warranty that will ensure at-home service from qualified technicians, access to 24-7 claims service, and robust coverage for all mechanical, electric, and electronic components. Even more, Upsie’s direct sales model allows them to offer the best service that costs up to 70 percent less than their competitors.
The wealth of home fitness products makes choosing the best solution difficult, but it’s easy to see that Upsie provides the best extended warranties for fitness equipment.

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