How to Keep Home Exercise Equipment Healthy

Did you make the call to invest in home exercise equipment? Or maybe you’re still looking for the right machine? Either way, working out at home is great! You can simply walk into the other room and get your sweat on. However, equipment wear and tear is real. Now it’s your responsibility to keep both yourself and your equipment in tip-top shape.

How Exercise Equipment Can Break

A common malfunction is the treadmill belt wearing out. This happens especially quickly if the front and rear rollers are not in alignment. Another common break occurs when you use the display console on your bike like handlebars. It may seem innocent enough, but unnecessary shaking can cause electronic parts to come loose or crack. Additionally, letting rowers slam can cause fractures in the meta and shrouds. There are so many ways that your new equipment can break and disrupt your cardio workouts.

Simple Home Equipment Repairs

Luckily, some workout equipment repairs are easy to do yourself. For example, adjusting a belt on your new ProForm treadmill or NordicTrack Treadmill is fairly simple. Fixing the brakes on your spinning bike is doable, as well. Learn how here.

Costs of Repairs

If your exercise equipment breaks and you cannot fix it at home, you will have to have a technician out. The average price for a service operator to visit your home and diagnose the problem with your equipment is $100-$200. A new treadbelt costs $200-$300 and a new motor can cost as much as $500! That means that a repair could cost you as much as $700. Ouch.

How to Protect Your Equipment

First off, get a warranty. With a warranty from Upsie, you will never have to worry about adjusting your treadmill belt or repairing your bike pedals. If your fitness equipment breaks, simply call the 24/7/365 Upsie claims line to get a local repair technician out to your house. There is no service fee or deductible and you get an unlimited number of claims up to the purchase value of the device. Check out Upsie’s fitness equipment warranty!
If you’re not planning on using your exercise equipment regularly, you might not need a warranty. Make sure that your equipment is sitting on a flat, even surface. Have a dedicated pair of indoor workout shoes so you don’t get dirt, sand and salt on your equipment. Wipe it down for dust frequently, too. These particles can cause it to wear out more quickly. Lastly, frequently check your bolts to ensure they are tight. However, if you don’t want to worry about these things, a warranty might still be a good option for you!
Don’t forget to take easy steps that will keep your equipment working for many years down the road. Remember to follow some of the simple steps listed above to keep your equipment in tip top shape, like cleaning it regularly and getting a warranty from Upsie. Best of luck with your new exercise equipment!

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