Are Apple AirPods Worth the Money or Overpriced?

The second generation of AirPod Pros cost $159. Customers can also choose to buy them with a wireless charging case for an extra $40. Both online and offline stores list plenty of $40 wireless earbuds, so are Apple AirPods really worth the cost?

Are Apple AirPod Pros Worth the Extra Cost?

Mashable called the decision to buy AirPod Pros “100-percent worth it” and a “no-brainer.” Some of the most positive features include a long battery life, Siri voice controls, the ease of switching between Apple devices, and even the optional charging case. Find out why AirPods have grown so popular, and even more, how AirPod owners can protect their investment in high-quality earbuds.

Do AirPods Fall out Easily?

Most manufacturers make air bud tips out of a rubbery plastic that forms a seal. In contrast, Apple makes AirPods out of hard plastic. Fans of the product say that they find the looser feel of the AirPods makes them more comfortable and that they don’t fall out that easily.
Still, the problem arises often enough that CNET even suggested getting a set of silicone covers for them. After taking this tip to heart, the CNET reviewer said they tend to stay put even better than other kinds of ear buds.

Do AirPods Fall Out When Running?

Sometimes, runners find they have a problem with AirPods falling out when they’re moving fast or traveling long distances. Other runners attach over-the-ear hooks to use for harder training days. And according to some runners, slanting them forwards can help with this. Still, runners have concerns about losing or damaging their delicate and expensive AirPods.

Will Sweat Damage AirPods?

AirPods don’t have many claims of sweat- or water-resistance. To maintain them, it’s best to keep them dry. Since Apple really did not design these products for repairs and each new bud costs $69, cautious owners might buy a cheaper pair of earbuds to wear to the gym.

How Long Does the Battery Last on AirPods?

This is what consumers can expect for battery life for new AirPods:
  • Second-generation AirPods Pro: Apple says that their second-generation AirPods Pro should last 3.5 hours for talking and up to 4.5 hours for listening on one charge. The optional charging case can provide multiple charges, so that extends the time to up to 18 hours for talking and 24 hours for just listening. After about five minutes in the charging case, users can expect the battery to last for an additional hour.
  • Second-generation AirPods: The Second Generation AirPods can provide up to five hours of listening time and about three hours of talk time. The charging case gives users the same extended listening and talking time as the Pro. Also, five minutes in the optional charging case will power them for about three hours.

How is Upsie Better Than AppleCare for AirPods?

After purchasing such high-quality, expensive earbuds, AirPod fans will want to protect them. Of course, there’s always the option to buy an AppleCare protection plan right at the time of purchase. Still, lots of savvy people have discovered that they can get more value out of waiting until they get home to buy an Upsie protection plan instead.

Look at this quick comparison of AppleCare Vs. Upsie for AirPods

  • Upsie AirPod protection plans outperform AppleCare on price and generally have the same deductibles.
  • Even better, Upsie covers unlimited damage events, but AppleCare limits coverage to only two.
  • Both AppleCare and Upsie cover drops and water damage, but again, AppleCare only covers two service events; however, Upsie doesn’t impose this limit.
  • It’s easy to quote and buy Upsie AirPod insurance online. After purchasing a plan, Upsie customers can call customer service 24 hours a day and seven days a week to get help with their claims.
  • Depending on location, Upsie plan owners may have a choice of mail-in or local service options.
  • Upsie warranties even cover Genius Bar service for all covered claims.

What is Covered With an Upsie AirPod Extended Warranty?

An Upsie protection plan will provide peace of mind by covering spills, drops, and mechanical or speaker failure. If repair isn’t a good option, Upsie will cover replacements. Besides new devices, customers can even buy a plan for used devices as long as the product came with a 30-day seller warranty.
To protect AirPods or other kinds of headphones, start on the headphone warranty page by selecting the type. AirPod owners can go directly to the AirPod plan and price quote page. Upsie also offers protection plans for all sorts of devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and even appliances.

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