Explore the Apple HomePod Mini Speaker’s New Colors

Apple has unwrapped plenty of innovative updates to electronics in the past few months. But, understandably, many people may have missed the news about a more straightforward update to the company’s smart speakers. Apple calls their popular smart speaker the HomePod Mini, and the company just added three new color choices.

Coming Soon: New Colors for the HomePod Mini

The $99 HomePod Mini speakers used to be either black or white. With their globe shape and mesh texture, some fans of these devices jokingly refer to them as tribbles. Apple also makes a full-sized HomePod smart speaker, but the lower price of the smaller device has attracted more customers.
On November 16, 2021, Apple customers can also choose between blue, yellow, and orange. TechCrunch says that Apple plans to keep the price the same, and they will start shipping the new colors in mid-November. A November release will give shoppers plenty of time to purchase a HomePod for the holidays as a gift for a loved one or even for themselves.

When to Buy New HomePod Mini Smart Speakers

Retailers like Costco and Walmart have offered discounts on HomePod Minis in the past, and they may include them in holiday sales. However, these kinds of low-cost electronics tend to sell out quickly during sales, so prudent consumers might decide to check online early. Also, shoppers may have better luck finding the old black or white colors on sale than the new ones.

Why Buy a HomePod Mini Smart Speaker?

Most people won’t purchase an Apple HomePod Mini simply because they like the color, though the new choices look stylish and complement most decor. In addition, Engadget still says that similar products like the Amazon Echo Dot beat the HomePod Mini for value.
Critics of both the HomePod and HomePod Mini generally dislike that Apple restricted these devices to work mainly within its ecosystem. Thus, Amazon’s smart speaker makes the most sense for people who already use Apple devices.
Some examples of handy features for Apple users include:
  • The HomePod Mini comes with a U1 ultra-wideband chip. That feature makes it easy and fast to switch audio from another device, like an iPhone, to the speaker.
  • A pair of HomePod Mini devices can pair together to broadcast stereo sound in a room.
  • Multiple HomePod Mini devices can rest in various rooms to act as intercoms or broadcast the same music, news, or podcasts.
  • The HomePod Mini integrates with other Apple and Apple-compatible intelligent devices. For instance, users can ask Siri to adjust their smart thermostat.

Don’t Forget to Protect a HomePod With an Affordable Warranty Plan

Upsie is an affordable and convenient alternative to AppleCare+. Explore the benefits of Upsie extended warranties for smart speakers:
  • Upsie’s smart speaker warranty plans come with a choice between two and three years of protection.
  • Warranties from Upsie cost up to 70 percent less than AppleCare+ and other warranty plans without sacrificing quality.
  • Customers gain protection from accidents, including drops, spills, and defects.
  • Upsie also provides its customers with access to mail-in and local repairs, including the Genius Bar.
  • Plus, customers can call claims reps 24-7 to get their repairs as soon as possible.
For Apple fans, the HomePod Mini offers an inexpensive and helpful product. Pairing Upsie with your HomePod Mini ensures the device is protected for years to come.
No matter the brand, an Upsie extended warranty will help prevent unexpected repair costs and ensure quick service. Besides smart speakers, Upsie also protects other electronics and appliances.

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