Beats by Dr. Dre Top Earbud and Headphone Options

A lot of people wondered why Apple purchased Beats by Dr. Dre about a decade ago. Beats produced popular headphones and a streaming music service before the public heard about AirPods or Apple Music. Thus, without Beats, Apple probably wouldn’t have transformed into the company it is today.

Are Beats Headphones and Earbuds as Good as Apple’s?

Despite Apple’s ownership, and the fact that Beats recently phased out some of its older products, the brand still offers a massive selection of headphones and earbuds. Last year, CNET reviewed Beats Fit Pro earbuds against AirPods 3 and found the two products very comparable.
When comparing features, performance, and builds of AirPods vs. Beats, the choice hinges upon the particular model and not the brand. The two brands offer many of the same features, and the AirPods retailed for about $20 less than the Beats did. The Beats Fit Pro provided multiple tips and a more comfortable, secure fit.

Top Beats Earbuds and Headphones for 2022

This quick rundown of popular Beats by Dr. Dre earbuds and headphones should make it easy to find the perfect product.

Beats Solo Pro

TechRadar ranked Beats Solo Pro as their first choice from this manufacturer. Excellent noise cancellation and a 40-hour battery life helped propel these headphones to the top of the list. Other attractive features include a stylish and comfortable design. They start at under $150, making this product relatively affordable. Sadly, Beats discontinued this model, but many retailers still have stock for sale.

Beats Studio Buds

These true wireless earbuds support two surround-sound formats and active noise cancellation. The earbuds produce an excellent sound, connect wirelessly with Bluetooth, and feel comfortable enough to wear for long jamming sessions. Priced at about $120, they’re a good choice for economically minded music lovers.

Beats Powerbuds Pro

The excellent fit of Beats Powerbuds Pro makes them a good choice for active people. Unlike many competitors, these earbuds don’t appear to slip out. Decent sound quality and battery life make them one of the top choices for people who like to wear earbuds while working out or running. Expect to find these earbuds retailing for about $165.

Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones

Excellent battery life and noise canceling make the Studio 3 one of the top choices for Beats headphones. Wireless connectivity, superior active noise cancellation, and long battery life make them an excellent choice to pair with devices that no longer provide jacks. Expect to pay about $150.

The Top Extended Warranty for Beats by Dr. Dre

An Upsie extended warranty for Beats headphones and earbuds will offer consumers the confidence that they need to invest in high-quality products. Upsie provides two- and three-year protection plans and only charges a $25 deductible for covered services. Even more, the warranty will pay to repair damage from accidental spills or drops, connectivity issues, and much more.
Upsie customers can call live claims representatives 24-7 for assistance completing claims and accessing repairs. The representative will explain choices so that customers can access local or postage-paid mail-in services from certified repair shops. Upsie allows customers to transfer their warranty plan to a new owner, and they will replace headphones or earbuds when repairs don’t make sense.
Beats offers high-quality headphones and earbuds that compare favorably with Apple AirPods and other well-known brands. In addition to Beats earbuds and headphones, Upsie also covers other brands, as well as various electronics and appliances. To prevent unexpected repair costs and frustration with accessing a quality repair service, get an Upsie warranty.

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