The Best Skullcandy Headphones or Earbuds Warranty

Skullcandy has become an industry leader in personal listening accessories, such as headphones, earbuds, hands-free devices, and audio backpacks. Fans love the quality and capabilities of the company’s offerings since there is a clear focus on high-quality sonic experiences for anyone who loves listening to music, television or movies, or podcasts without disrupting others or simply because they prefer an isolated sound experience.
Regardless of the quality of Skullycandy’s products—or any company’s products for that matter—it’s important to consider buying an extended warranty to protect your investment. Do you know what type of Skullcandy warranty to buy or from whom you should buy one?

Your Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty Ends Sooner Than You Think and Doesn’t Cover Much for Everyday Customers

Unfortunately, the Skullcandy manufacturer’s limited warranty, like most of its kind, doesn’t offer as many benefits as most people would like to think. The warranty that comes with your device essentially only covers manufacturer’s defects and failures. So, if you have an accident that damages your Skullcandy earbuds, you’re on your own and responsible for their repair or replacement.

What Does the Skullcandy Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty Actually Cover?

According to the Skullcandy warranty website, the company’s warranty lasts exactly one year after purchasing the product. It only covers the manufacturer’s defects of proven, authentic Skullcandy headphone and earbud products. So, if you encounter a defect within that first year, Skullcandy will investigate the defect and decide whether they believe it is their fault or yours. If you don’t want to jump through hurdles, you might consider searching for an extended headphone warranty that has your best interests and long-term listening pleasure in mind.

Skullcandy Touts Having a “Lifetime Warranty” That Falls Short In Reality

Consumerist shares that you might end up waiting a lifetime if you plan to rely on a Skullcandy headphones lifetime warranty. That does not instill confidence, which is a shame since the company sells high-end, expensive headphones. It helps customers build relationships with businesses that offer high-caliber extended listening device warranty.
None of this means you need to lose faith in Skullcandy, which consistently provides beloved, high-quality headphones and earbuds. Therefore, your risk of encountering an experience-ruining issue is low, but you still want to make sure you don’t end up with expensive ear muffs if you damage them. Given that ear gear is intended for customers to use while on-the-go, it’s important that you keep searching for a way to protect your purchase.

Search for an Alternative Extended Warranty Solution

Since Skullcandy only offers a strict manufacturer’s limited warranty and no extended options besides a nebulous lifetime option, you’re on your own. Fortunately, there are extended warranty choices out there to keep you listening to your favorites in your own way and time without fretting over damages.

What Do You Need to Look for In an Alternative Extended Warranty?

A good extended warranty can keep you listening to music on your own terms and without interruption caused by cord breaks, shorts and other damages. The question is determining what you need in your extended warranty to cover shorts due to sweat and moisture damage and anything else that prevents you from listening to your favorites on your flight or daily commute.
Here are some key things to consider when reviewing various extended warranties in the marketplace.

Does the Extended Warranty Cover Accidents?

It’s almost impossible to tell whether crackling earphones are due to manufacturer defects or accidentally dropping them on the ground. You need to work with a warranty provider that unequivocally covers accidents.

Does the Warranty Company Cover Your Earphone or Headphone’s Brand and Model?

Extended warranty companies like Upsie cover all major listening gear brands. Make sure your final choice covers your favorite listening accessories.

Is the Claim Process Simple?

The last thing you want to deal with after paying for expensive headphones, and even the most reasonably priced extended warranty, is a hassle. A complex claim process might make you rethink the value of investing in a warranty. Fortunately, Upsie makes it easy! They feature a 24/7/365 claims center with real representatives available to take your claim call. Contact Upsie or call the number listed on your account to start the simple process.

How Does the Upsie Resolution Process Work?

Again, if you have to find the right shipping materials, pack up your headphones, and ship them away, you might think twice about making a claim. With Upsie, you get prepaid shipping labels and packaging sent right to your door. Alternately, you have the option for local repairs at a certified facility. A claim representative will find a repair shop near you for peak convenience and a speedy resolution, whether repair or replacement.

Is the Price Reasonable?

With Upsie, you’ll love the low prices available for your Skullcandy headphones or earbuds. For example, a warranty for headphones or earbuds between $50-99 costs:
  • 2-Year Warranty with accident protection and a $25 deductible costs $9.99.
  • 3-Year Warranty with accident protection and a $25 deductible costs $15.99.

Explore All Your Coverage Options from Upsie

It’s worth it to protect your expensive listening gear, but you need the right extended warranty company. Upsie can help you enjoy your listening accessories without worry.

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