Should You Buy an Extended Warranty for Beats Headphones?

When it comes to over-the-ear headphones, Beats models cost considerably more than many competitors. Consumers can find plenty of decent options for less than $100, so why would anybody spend over $200 for headphones like the Beats Solo Pro?
Even though they’re expensive, audiophiles often suggest Beats because of their features and quality. Find out why many consumers choose Beats over cheaper competitors and how to protect that investment in sound quality and other features.

The Beats Solo Pro

CNET praised the Beats Solo Pro for its active noise-canceling features. A button tap turns this feature off to help reduce battery drain. Another tap on the same button enables the audio-transparency mode. With this on, users can hear their music and outside noises at the same time, much like listening to regular headphones. CNET described the Solo Pro’s sound quality as well-balanced and smooth.
These headphones also come with microphones. That makes them useful for wearing to make calls, perform voice dictation, or even chat with a voice assistant. They also charge with a Lightning cable. The compact and comfortable design of the Beats Solo Pro headphones may provide even more encouragement to buy them.
The biggest disadvantage appears to be the price. They generally start at about $220 and need an optional accessory for the Lightning port that costs $35 more. They also don’t come with cables for plugging them in when wireless connections aren’t available, such as on an airplane.
Besides the Solo Pro, Beats also makes a variety of other headphone models. Here’s a quick guide to all the Beats headphones.

Why Invest in an Extended Warranty for Beats Headphones?

According to Wired Magazine, the most common problem headphone users experience comes from the plug that can connect headphones to stereos, in-flight entertainment, phones, computers, and other devices. Some other common issues include connectivity and moisture seeping inside the case. After spending a few hundred dollars on good headphones, nobody wants to toss them away after getting caught in a sudden rainstorm or getting splashed near a pool.
Limited warranties come with Beats headphones; however, they mostly aimed at ensuring the devices work right out of the box. Thus, they’re likely to disallow anything they think came from an accident, wear, or exposure to liquids. Also, Wired Magazine offered some fairly complex instructions for repairing common problems. However, if following them doesn’t work, at-home fixes are also likely to get excluded under the warranty terms.

Why Upsie Provides Better Protection for Beats Headphones

A two- or three-year Beats extended warranty from Upsie can ensure rapid, high-quality repairs for a number of headphone issues, including early wear, drops, and spills. Headphone purchasers will have up to 60 days to buy an Upsie warranty for their headphones, so there’s no reason to make an impulsive warranty choice at the time of sale.
Upsie also has 24-7 phone representatives to handle claims and questions. Plus, they give their customers the option to get local repairs or to let Upsie pay for the postage to ship them to a certified repair center. Customers only pay a $25 deductible for repairs, and there are absolutely no extra hidden fees or charges.
Even better, Upsie charges less than their name-brand warranty competitors. Besides headphones, Upsie also has protection plans for earbuds, speakers, phones, and many other kinds of devices, accessories, and appliances.
It’s tough to compare a variety of brands and models for headphones and other kinds of electronics. It’s easy to enjoy the peace of mind of having quick, affordable access to high-quality repairs when they’re needed.

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