Galaxy Buds and Pixel Buds from Samsung and Google

Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, from bulky over-the-ear “cans” to tiny, discreet earbuds with a futuristic style. There’s no shortage of options available for consumers, especially when it comes to the in-ear buds that have exploded in popularity ever since the days of the original iPod.
Competitors Samsung and Google are all too happy to steal away Apple’s market share in the earbuds space. But how do the Galaxy Buds and Pixel Buds measure up against each other for earbud supremacy? Keep reading to find out.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones, tablets, and laptops have developed a loyal following over the years. As such, it should come as no surprise the tech giant would slap the Galaxy brand name on their newest set of earbuds. Thankfully, this set lives up to the name, offering all the quality expected from a device in the Galaxy family.
At $200, Samsung’s earbuds are right in line with similar competitors in the marketplace. They offer a similar brand of active noise cancellation as well as spatial audio support.
Galaxy device owners will get the most out of their Buds Pro earphones. They are designed to work in harmony with Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant, as well as the Galaxy Wearable app.
Sound quality is what you would expect at this price point, but the five hours of battery life is solid, if not slightly unspectacular. The same can be said for the look of the buds while wearing them; you won’t stand out in a crowd, but people will definitely notice you’re sporting a pair.
IPX7 waterproof capabilities allow you to get them wet to a reasonable level, but don’t expect to swim laps in the pool while listening. If you’re in the market for a new set of buds and already own a Samsung Galaxy, the Buds Pro is a great option. Otherwise, an alternative may be preferable.

Google Pixel Buds

The Pixel name has been one to watch over the last several years, as Google’s ambitions in the hardware space keep growing. Not content to just brand their phones with the Pixel label, Google has given the moniker to its line of earbuds.
Like the Galaxy Buds and their integration with Samsung’s flagship phones, the Pixel Buds work best when paired with a Pixel phone. That’s not to say they are a slouch when used with other Android phones, since pairing is a breeze regardless of your handset. It simply speaks to the synergy on display when using the Pixel Buds alongside Google’s voice assistant software.
The design of the Google Pixel Buds is that of futuristic minimalism, given the set’s flat design. When resting in the ears they are quite inconspicuous, especially if you’re looking directly at the user wearing them.
IPX4 water resistance puts the Pixel Buds behind Samsung’s set. Yet, this rating still means you can safely wear them at the gym or accidentally drop them in the shower — and they’ll be just fine.
Similar to the Galaxy Buds Pro, the Pixel Buds offer five hours of battery life when listening, and over two hours when used as a microphone device.
For $170, the Google Pixel Buds are a more affordable option than the Galaxy Buds Pro, but these savings could come at a cost. Users have experienced some troubling connection issues with their Pixel Buds, especially when used outdoors. Google has attempted to resolve the problem via firmware updates, but it’s still a concern for some users and definitely something to keep in mind while shopping for your next pair of earbuds.
Today’s smartphone users are more loyal than ever. It takes a lot to convince them to switch brands. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Samsung and Google’s earbuds work best on their handset platforms. Brand loyalty may be the deciding factor here. However, if you’re not sporting a Galaxy or Pixel device, the decision might be a little easier. Despite being slightly more expensive than their competitor, the Galaxy Buds Pro have shown to be more dependable over the long term than the Pixel Buds.

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