Lenovo Legion H600 and S600 Gaming Headset and Dock

The gaming world is changing rapidly, and the best and most avid gamers do everything possible to keep up with the latest trends. One essential component for gamers is the headset. There is no compromising when it comes to finding top-notch gaming sound quality. Lenovo’s Legion gaming line of electronics and accessories has become a go-to resource for home, amateur, and professional gamers everywhere.
Lenovo headsets definitely stand up to the competition, especially the H600 and S600 models.
Here are some reasons you might need to up your headset game and how Lenovo and an Upsie extended warranty can help.

Why Are Headsets So Critical for Passionate Gamers?

According to Rated Recommendation, the right gaming headset makes a huge impact on a gamer’s performance at any level. A high-quality headset is as important as a graphics card. Top gamers have shared that it’s not merely about a signal filled with information reaching your ears. It’s about much more than that, especially as headsets continue evolving and improving to meet various needs for today’s ardent gamers.
More players than ever choose wireless headsets to allow them greater freedom of movement during intense games where it helps to immerse themselves into the experience.
Here are some additional reasons gamers love wireless headsets:
  • Ease of Use: Wired headsets prohibit mobility. Whether you want to sway while you play or get up to grab a quick drink from the refrigerator, wireless headsets make movement easy and comfortable.
  • Better Concentration and Fewer Distractions: Sometimes a cord grazing your face or shoulder can become a distraction when playing an intense game. Without a cord, you have less chance of random distractions.
  • Comfort: It’s hard to know how long you’ll find yourself playing a game, so comfort is essential. The best headsets are easy to wear for up to eight hours and sometimes longer.
  • Fast and Effortless Communication: Gaming is often a social and communal activity, so you need an easy and hands-free way to connect with opponents and team members. The best headsets come with a built-in microphone, and noise-canceling features help you immerse yourself into the game without worry. It’s as easy as speaking and listening naturally.
Lenovo focuses on these top features and much more with their H600 and S600 gaming headsets.

Why Is Lenovo a Leader In Gaming Headsets with the H600 and S600?

In 2021 alone, Lenovo has announced four new gaming laptops, notes ClicktheCity. You can bet they’re ensuring their headset game is strong, as well. Lenovo focuses on the whole range of gamers, from levels to budgets, ensuring everyone has what they need to support their gaming hobby or profession.
The release of the Lenovo Legion H600 gaming headset and S600 gaming dock help cement Lenovo’s place in the gaming market, offering high-quality headsets and docks at a budget-friendly price.
Take a few moments to explore what you need.

Lenovo Legion H600 Gaming Headset

Lenovo’s new wireless headset comes with a Qi-Enabled base to allow you to charge your smartphone and other gadgets up to 10W to ensure you never lose power and functionality at a critical moment. The H600 also offers the same flexibility and comfort that the H200 offered with the addition of a flip-away unidirectional noise-canceling microphone that also allows for flip-to-mute, shares Android Headlines. Further, Lenovo claims that the H600 is “tournament-grade,” making it easier for you to advance without breaking your budget. Finally, you can move easily up to 12m or just under 40-feet without interruption with wireless technology.

Lenovo Legion S600 Gaming Station

With an anticipated $89.99 retail price, the Lenovo Legion Gaming Station, or Gaming Dock, supports your headset by:
  • Facilitating wireless headset charging.
  • Charging mobile phones up to a 10W output with compatible models.
  • Allowing for charging other supported devices, such as mouse and wireless appliances.

Eager Customers Can Look for Lenovo Legion H600 and S600 Soon – Get Ready

Lenovo has announced that the H600 and S600 will become available to U.S. customers in April 2021. You can start making plans to buy right away by placing your order. Then buy an Upsie headphone extended warranty plan that keeps your gaming equipment safe and secure for a long future of gaming without worry.

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