Marshall Headphones and Earbuds Lineup

Whether you are undecided about what style of personal listening gear you want or you are reviewing your friends and family members’ holiday wish lists, you might need some help sorting through the Marshall headphones and earbuds lineup.
It’s tough enough narrowing down your vast range of personal music listening options to a single brand, so congratulations on landing on Marshall and its active noise cancellation (ANC) lineup to make the rest of your search much more manageable.

Why Choose Marshall for Your Personal Listening Accessories?

If you are a guitarist or bassist, sound engineer, or an avid concert-goer who pays attention to musicians’ sound equipment, you probably recognize the Marshall brand. You might think back to those tall stacks surrounding the stage and aimed at the crowd. Marshall speakers are designed to give you the perfect sound experience in complex conditions.
Marshall uses a similar approach to developing its personal listening equipment, like earbuds and headphones.

What Do Marshall Headphones and Earbuds Offer?

When you take your morning commute on the train or bus, or you want to go for a run or listen to your favorite e-book or watch your favorite movie while your child is napping, you need high-quality personal listening equipment. Marshall has developed a lineup with something for everyone.
Let’s see what you can find when scanning Marshall’s latest headphones and earbuds lineup.

Motif ANC

Marshall’s Motif ANC True Wireless Headphones offer a sleek listening experience for the die-hard minimalist. These headphones amplify your audio while eliminating all the distracting noise around you, such as traffic, lawnmowers, or the sound of the train or bus engine with top-tier noise cancellation.
True to form, Marshall lets you enjoy a private stage show from your pocket to your ears. You can enjoy 20 full hours of wireless playtime, then tuck them into your sturdy, portable charging case when working, studying, or otherwise not drawing yourself in delicious audio.
If you want a booming sound experience in a compact package with a medium-high price range of around $199, especially on the heels of the disappointing Minor III, you’ll love the Motif ANCs.

Mode II

Touted as the line “built for loud,” you’ll find it tough to disagree with the sentiment when you hear the melodically bombastic and truly wireless Mode II.
These are Marshall’s first true wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones, and they deliver. You’ll get to enjoy five hours of wireless playtime on one charge. Even better, the portable charging case will keep you listening without interruption all day long with four additional charges.

Monitor II ANC

If you want top luxury with the leader of the Marshall pack, you need to try the brand’s Monitor II ANC over-ear headphones. Priced between $189-319, these headphones are expensive, no question, but they stand up to other top headphone sellers with comparable products.
These closed Bluetooth headphones offer as much style as sonic excellence with an all-black design with white lettering for high-impact accents. The golden buttons on the ear cups top off the ensemble perfectly. Even better, they are as comfortable as they are stylish.
Let’s take a look at some of the vital listening features and specifications since that’s the most critical matter:
  • The ANC button on the left cup empowers you to move between monitoring mode and active noise cancellation.
  • The left earcup also features a 3.5mm audio port for the included USB-C charging port and coiled wire.
  • They weigh 320 grams and are fully collapsible, fitting neatly into the Marshall-branded denim carrying bag.
  • Monitor II offers 30 hours of ANC-activated music, and Bluetooth alone can last up to 45 hours between charges. The fast-charging factor means you can add up to five hours of playtime to your headphones in 15 minutes. And it only takes another two hours to get your battery back up to full charge.
One minor quibble people have with the Monitor IIs is that the app isn’t especially useful in its design. But once you get used to it, you’ll find it’s easy enough to move between modes. Otherwise, the sound quality and physical design are winning at every level.

Major IV

The relatively “budget-friendly” Mode IV Marshall headphones cost about half the price of the other over-the-ear model, Monitor II, at $149. The Major IVs offer deep bass and bright highs and are user-friendly at a reasonable price.
Here are some top features, functions, and specifications you might appreciate about these more affordable on-ear headphones:
  • The supra-aural, or on-ear, cups feature a rounded square shape and plenty of cushioning on the earpads.
  • The Major IVs are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0.
  • 40mm dynamic drivers offer a 20Hz-20kHz frequency range.

Protect Your Marshall Headphones With Upsie

As you can see, Marshall has thought of pretty much everything. Now it’s up to you to decide which headphones will keep you blissfully listening to your favorite music and more.
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