How Noise Masking Earbuds Help Promote Restful Sleep

A few brands make sleep earbuds that work differently than typical earbuds used for streaming music. Two main competitors in this space include Amazfit and Bose. They employ sleep-masking technology to reduce distractions and promote rest, which differs from noise cancellation or noise blocking. Some traditional earbuds may also offer some features advertised to help with relaxation, but they use different techniques. Find out why noise-masking earbuds can help promote restful sleep better than other options.

Noise Masking Versus Noise Cancellation Versus Noise Blocking

Before purchasing earbuds that promise to help with sleep and relaxation, understand the three basic types of technology offered. Bose manufactures many types of earbuds, headphones, and speakers. According to Bose, this is the difference between noise blocking, noise cancellation, and noise masking:
  • Noise blocking: This old-school technique for reducing distractions relies on blocking noise. Think of a pair of earplugs that workers at construction sites sometimes use to protect their ears from loud machinery.
  • Noise cancellation: This powered tech actively monitors sounds around the earbud wearer and then emits the opposite frequency to cancel out the noise. This tech excels for people who want to listen to music, podcasts, and other content.
  • Noise masking: Manufacturers design the physical shape of noise-masking earbuds to reduce external sounds. Noise-masking tech refers to offering alternative sounds that make it easier to fall asleep or relax.

Why Does Noise Masking Work Better for Sleep and Relaxation?

Noise blocking and noise cancellation work to reduce background sounds. They’re both effective for particular environments, but no technology can completely block out sounds. Noise masking distracts the brain with calming white noise to keep the brain from noticing sounds and encouraging a more tranquil mental state.
For instance, many people like to fall asleep to the sound of gentle rain, and noise-masking earbuds offer this as an option. In addition, the design of these earbuds also helps to minimize external noise, like noise-blocking earplugs. The Sleep Foundation says that even if sounds don’t wake up sleepers, they may disrupt sleep patterns and make sleep less beneficial. Noise masking helps the sleeper’s unconscious brain ignore noise, even if the earbuds can’t totally block it.

Other Benefits of Sleep Earbuds

Sleep earbuds work with apps on smartphones so that the users can adjust settings and preferences. These apps may offer a variety of other helpful features. Some examples include a wake-up alarm, relaxation exercises, and even daytime productivity programs. Very few companies produce sleep earbuds today, but comparing the options from Bose and Amazfit should provide a good start. These devices include a charging case and cost a few hundred dollars, but many people find an investment in better sleep and relaxation worthwhile.

Are There Extended Warranties for Sleep Earbuds?

Just like regular earbuds, sleep earbuds may suffer from problems from time to time. Damage may often impact both earbuds and the charging case, so the user will have to pay for at least three repairs. Manufacturers’ limited warranties only last for a short time, and they will also only cover defects. For anything else, only an extended warranty will help prevent high repair bills and the hassle of finding qualified technicians.
Luckily, Upsie offers extended warranties for sleep earbuds, regular earbuds, and various headphones and speakers. These two- and three-year protection plans for earbuds guard against accidents, wear, and defects that show up after the limited warranty expires. Even more, Upsie customers can count upon 24-7 claims service and the choice of mail-in or local repairs from Upsie’s network of certified technicians.
People may have a tough time falling asleep for various reasons, including certain medications, a noisy environment, or stress. Sleep earbuds minimize distractions and promote relaxation to support high-quality sleep. Meanwhile, an Upsie extended warranty for earbuds will provide users with even more peace of mind.

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