Protection for High End Bluetooth Speakers

For anyone planning to buy portable, high end Bluetooth speakers, be aware that the market is chock full of options. Picking out the best speaker for your budget isn’t easy when you have to comparison shop among JBL, Tribit, Sonos, Bose, and Ultimate Ears – and that’s before you even consider brands like Ooontz, Elehot, Sanag, and a dozen others lesser-known brands. Those products range in price from less than $20 to more than $400. However, for those looking for a portable wireless speaker that will make your Spotify or Pandora playlists sound like they’re playing live in a concert hall – and that will also make your friends jealous – consider what Bang and Olefsen have to offer.
But be prepared. They’re a Danish company and they’re not out to compete on price. Their entry-level speaker, the Beoplay P2 personal speaker, carries an MSRP of $150 while their flagship unit, the Beosound 1, starts at $1700 and goes to $2000 for the “New York Edition.”
Bang and Olefsen (typically known as B&O) have been in business since the 1920s. Today, they’re a consumer electronics firm, but they focus exclusively on the luxury market – hence their high prices. For instance, Aston Martin, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz all use B&O audio systems in their vehicles.
For 60 years, B&O has relentlessly sought out the most creative designers to imagine new products and bring them to reality. Rather than hiring designers and putting them on the payroll, they chose to contract with independent, award-winning, superstar designers. Giving them free rein to create exciting new products has paid off handsomely. For example, when the Museum of Modern Art in New York City held an exhibition dedicated to B&O’s remarkable designs. Early B&O products have become collectors’ items.

About B&O Speakers

The company currently offers five portable, high end Bluetooth speakers.
  • Beoplay P2: $175. A personal speaker with battery life of 10 hours and two 15-watt amplifiers.
  • Beosound A1 2nd Gen: $250. With a battery life of 18-hours, this is the only Bluetooth speaker with Amazon’s Alexa built-in. That means you can use your smartphone’s Internet connection to carry Alexa with you wherever you go.
  • Beoplay 6: $400. Designed by Cecilie Manz, this speaker plays for 15 hours and might be considered an art piece. Learn more.
  • Beolit 17: $500. With 240 watts of audio power, this speaker is perfect for parties and larger spaces. Battery life at low volume is 24 hours, while at typical volumes is 6 hours.
  • Beosound 1: $1700. With 12 hours of playtime, this speaker uses B&O’s “Acoustic Lens Technology” to give you an incredibly rich and almost spherical sound.

What Does the B&O Warranty Cover?

The B&O warranty term is two years. It covers repair or replacement if a speaker fails due to defects in material and workmanship. However, the company’s warranty goes on to say: “Bang & Olufsen Products are products of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care. Procedures and suggestions on proper use and maintenance of Bang & Olufsen Products and its internal components should always be followed. Thus, this Warranty is conditioned upon proper use of the Bang & Olufsen Product within the Warranty Period.”
Does that mean these speakers need “kid-glove” treatment? Probably not, but considering their price points, a plan that will repair your speaker if it’s damaged just makes sense.

What Makes Upsie’s Portable Speaker Warranty Better than the Rest?

Upsie offers a three-year extended warranty plan for portable speakers that protects you at an affordable rate for an additional year beyond the factory warranty. It covers your B&O speaker against liquid damage, drops, mechanical failure, and issues with sound volume, sound quality, user controls, and microphones.
Upsie is backed by the same national insurance companies that big box stores use. But unlike them, Upsie cuts out the middleman so warranty plans from Upsie are far more affordable. Just visit the portable audio page to see just how low Upsie’s rates are!

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