Are Sennheiser Momentum or AirPods Pro Better Ear Buds?

Although about 59% of consumers still use wired headphones, the market is shifting toward convenient wireless options like Sennheiser Momentum True and Apple AirPods Pro. Ultimately, Bluetooth technology will take corded earbud technology the way of the cassette tape or the eight-track into oblivion. Some music and podcast listeners still hold out with traditional corded earbuds or headphones. Reasons may include the cost being above their budget or the inability to determine the best brand and model for their money. Regardless of the brand or model you buy, you want to keep your headphones safe, so make sure to buy the best extended headphone warranty.
If you have your heart and ears set on finding the best wireless personal listening options for times you are on-the-go, at the gym, or you want a special listening experience at home, you might need some thoughts on two of the best wireless options on the market today, Sennheiser Momentum True and Apple AirPods Pro. You might also need some guidance on Bluetooth if you’re new to the concept, as many new wireless headphone buyers are. Keep reading to find out more to help make the best choice for this sound investment.

What Is Bluetooth Wireless Technology?

If you’re new to the world of Bluetooth, you might need a quick definition to understand what it means and how it can enhance your listening experience. Bluetooth technology is a special type of wireless technology used to transfer data between different electronic devices, such as connecting a smartphone to a wireless headset for business professionals on-the-go. This technology has become increasingly popular for everyday mobile phone users and music listeners.

Who Does Wireless Sound Connection Best: Sennheiser Momentum or Apple AirPods?

According to The Sound Guys, Sennheiser and Apple take different approaches to their respective true wireless earbuds. However, they both know they are in deep competition to win your business. Apple AirPods currently sit atop the many competitors, but Sennheiser is making gains in its attempts to usurp the tech giant on the headphone front. Take a few moments to learn what each earphone expert has to offer you.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Sennheiser has become a top industry leader in high-quality personal listening devices like headphones and earbuds. The German electronics company focuses on richer sound through deep bass tones. Fans of the company have come to identify Sennheiser through their trademark approach to uniquely resonant sound quality.
Here are a few additional pros, along with a small list of cons, for choosing Sennheiser earbuds:
  • Bluetooth 5 compatible while AirPods still use Bluetooth 4 for now.
  • Silicone tips, available in different sizes, seal snugly into your ears for pure sound isolation, blocking out all ambient noise.
  • “Transparent hearing” mode included for times you don’t want to immerse yourself in sound completely and need to stay in touch with the world, allowing sounds from the outside into your listening environment.
  • Pairing is quick and simple between your earbuds and device.
  • Brief battery life at 3.5 hours accounts for the intensely deep sound quality and seamless wireless connection. However, if time is not an issue, it’s difficult to beat the sound quality.
  • Clear phone call clarity.
  • Unmatched functionality allows you greater freedom, meaning you never need to touch your phone or another connective device to manage your Sennheiser True Momentum earbuds. Control it all through your earbuds, with single buttons on the left and right side that allow you to control volume and play, pause, skip, activate calls, manage voice assistant, and switch to “transparent hearing.”
  • Cost around $300, about $140 more than Apple AirPods.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro earbuds are consistent with the Apple brand as a product you can count on for quality, clarity, and ease of use. Known for sleek yet accessible design and ease of use, you can’t go wrong with Apple AirPods. The question is whether you could do better with another brand in this arena. Competing against Sennheiser, the Godfather of Audio, Apple has serious competition, but you might cut Apple some wireless slack depending on your needs.
Explore some pros and cons to buying Apple AirPods in this competitive field:
  • Easy to use, like most Apple products.
  • Clear call clarity.
  • Hands-free functionality is limited to activating calls via Siri.
  • Pairing is quick, simple, and seamless.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Either Set of Earbuds – Choose the Best Extended Warranty

There are a few reasons you might choose the Sennheiser Momentum True over Airpods Pro. However, if you can afford to pay double the price, you will love Sennheiser’s offering in this field.
No matter what you choose, protect your earbuds with an Upsie extended warranty. Their coverage includes accident protection for bumps and spills. Repairs include mail-in or local repairs through certified repair centers on all covered claims.

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