5 Benefits of Buying iBuyPower Refurbished PCs and Laptops

If you are looking for a new gaming system, you might have your eye on a custom iBuyPower design and build. iBuyPower offers high-quality gaming computers for passionate gamers, but its products can feature a big price tag. Many gamers have so many purchases to consider to improve their gaming experience, such as investing in monitors and headsets, that they need to cut costs across the board.
One savings solution for avid gamers is to buy certified refurbished PCs and laptops to help reduce overall costs. If you choose this route, remember you can buy an Upsie laptop/PC extended warranty for refurbished laptops and PCs.
Explore the Benefits of Purchasing iBuyPower Certified Refurbished PCs and Laptops.

5 Benefits of Purchasing iBuyPower Certified Refurbished PCs and Laptops

Have you considered buying a certified refurbished iBuyPower PC or laptop? If so, you might find yourself wondering what the benefits are for taking this route. You might wonder how well someone took care of the system while they owned it and how that affects the refurbishing process and results. Fortunately, refurbishing electronics is not new, and quality sellers ensure that each machine is certified refurbished before someone takes the chance on buying it.
Here are five important benefits to help you decide whether certified refurbished computers are worth the risk.

1. A Great System for A Great Price

When it comes down to it, buying a refurbished gaming computer gives you the chance to buy a top brand and model computer at a bargain price. Since these machines must receive official certification before being sold, customers know that they have been given a second life by a skilled technician. Passionate gamers build a PC or laptop when working with iBuyPower, so the chances are high that you will walk away with a fast and powerful gaming system that serves all your needs for your available budget. Built and purchased new, these systems can cost from $799 to the upper thousands, which is worth it when working with a reputable refurbishing company or technician.

2. The Quality Is Often Better Than Some New Brands and Models

Refurbishers know they need to sell machines at lower prices. No matter how expensive they were when first released, the cost will be substantially lower once refurbished and resold. That means you are likely to have access to more attributes with quality parts when buying a top name brand like iBuyPower. Sometimes there is a quick turnover with newly released machines. This means that, in as little as three months from the released date, they might undergo some refurbishments and refinements, which instantly reduces the price. So, the machine might not have had much, if any use, before receiving some upgrades.

3. You Can Find Out the Reason for Refurbishment

If your machine doesn’t come with an explanation for its repairs and refurbishments, you can ask the dealer. The reason might be something small, such as adding a small piece of hardware or switching out the battery. These types of repairs are so small that no one would ever know if they weren’t told. There are rarely any noticeable marks on the machine, regardless of the degree of repairs. So most buyers will know they got a great bargain, but their PC or laptop will run and look like new.

4. Enjoy the Reliability of a Known Brand

If you are a brand loyalist, you can’t go wrong with an iBuyPower gaming system as your base. The company believes in innovation, selection, community and performance as the fundamental attributes they want to infuse into life inside and outside of gaming. Knowing and trusting your machine can help you play better and enjoy yourself more, so buying a refurbished model is the way to go if you are on a budget.

5. Warranty Coverage Is Available

Depending on how old your refurbished iBuyPower is, you might find some time left on a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Even better, Upsie offers two-year and three-year warranties on refurbished desktop gaming systems. Upsie’s plans are available for purchase up to 60 days after buying your new-to-you computer. Plans are very affordable and they offer multiple repair options to get your computer back to working order quickly.

Take the Plunge and Invest in a Refurbished iBuyPower Desktop

Get the gaming computer you really want by exploring the world of refurbished gaming computers, and make sure you protect it with an Upsie extended warranty!

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