The Best Microsoft Surface Devices and Warranty

Microsoft first established itself as a software company with such well known products as Windows, Word, and Excel. For the past several years, the company has also found success with its line of Microsoft Surface computers. According to ZDNet, Microsoft has already shipped over a million Surface devices to earn revenues over $2 billion.
These high-end devices range from very portable tablets to business-class workstations and electronic whiteboards. Most of them run Windows, but Microsoft also makes a few Android devices. Learn about the most popular Microsoft Surface devices and the best way to protect them.

Popular Microsoft Surface Computers

Surface Pro 8

The Surface Pro Series didn’t just launch Microsoft’s successful PC venture. It really defined its category so much that even Apple adjusted its business plans to keep up.
Considered a 2-in-1, people might use the Surface Pro 8 as a large tablet or with an optional keyboard, like a laptop. With the stylus, creative types can use it as a creative workstation, too. Furthermore, the newly released Surface Pro 8 combines a powerful processor and a superior display into a lightweight, functional machine.

Surface Laptop Studio

This professional creative or developer workstation comes with a keyboard attached. This device weighs about twice as much as a Surface Pro 8, but that’s still not heavy by workstation standards. As with the detachable keyboards for the smaller Surface devices, this one even offers a place to store a stylus. The case also folds out to support the screen like an easel would. Most interesting to designers, the Surface Laptop Studio includes an advanced Nvidia GeForce GPU.

Surface Go

Microsoft calls the Surface Go a 2-in-1 laptop, but it’s more like a generously sized tablet with an optional stylus and keyboard. The Surface Go would offer a great option for people who want a smaller, lighter, and more affordable device.

Common Problems With Microsoft Surface Pro Devices

Microsoft has earned a good reputation for developing high-quality, feature-rich, flexible, and innovative personal computers. As with any sensitive, high-tech devices, this series of computers may need maintenance and repairs sometimes.
According to Digital Trends, many support issues tend to fall into these categories:
  • Device won’t charge
  • Touchscreen fails to respond
  • Lack of sound
  • Device won’t connect to WiFi
  • Screen too bright or dim
  • Performance degrades
Typical users will follow troubleshooting guides, which may or may not fix the problem. If the device owner cannot resolve the issue on their own, they will need to seek professional repairs. The Microsoft limited warranty covers defects for the warranty term.
The limited warranty won’t help defray repair costs if such issues as accidents or power surges caused the problem. It also won’t cover anything after it expires. In these cases, the owner needs to pay for repairs or replacement on their own.

Why Upsie Offers the Best Microsoft Surface Extended Warranty

Upsie’s customers can choose a two- or three-year extended warranty for Microsoft Surface devices. These customers will enjoy protection against accidents, defects, or wear. In addition, they can file claims with live representatives by phone 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Upsie will cover certified local repairs or offer to pay for two-day shipping to their mail-in service centers.
Some might think that protection like this will cost a lot, but Upsie actually charges considerably less than retailer warranties. They sell plans directly to customers, eliminate middlemen, and pass savings on to their customers. Aside from lower prices, they offer better service and more robust coverage.
Microsoft has earned a good reputation for producing high-quality, innovative personal computers, tablets, and 2-in-1 devices. After investing in a Microsoft Surface, protect that premium device with an Upsie extended warranty.

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