How to Choose Between a MacBook and Windows Laptop

The Mac vs. Windows argument is almost as divisive as the iPhone vs. Android debate. The differences between the two computers are so wide that it can be hard to decide between them. If you’re in the market for a new computer, choosing between a Windows laptop and a MacBook laptop may come down to budget, how you’ll use it, and your personal preference.

Windows Laptops

One thing that makes Mac and Windows computers so hard to compare is the wide range of Windows computers. Because many companies use the Windows operating system, Windows laptops and PCs come in all shapes and sizes, with varying technology inside the computer.
Whatever your budget is or how you plan to use your computer, there’s bound to be one that fits your needs. For example, you can purchase a Windows laptop for as little as a couple of hundred dollars if you just need a computer to browse the web and use a word processor. Windows also has you covered for computers capable of intense gaming and photo editing.
Windows laptops are also very easy to upgrade yourself. Upgrading your computer’s components is a great way to extend your computer’s life and prevent purchasing an entirely new machine. Of course, upgrading any computer requires research, but Windows is fairly intuitive.

MacBook Laptops

Since only Apple makes MacBooks, the product line is simpler and uniform in design. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are Apple’s two laptop offerings. Of the two, the MacBook Air is Apple’s cheapest laptop, starting at $999. However, Apple’s M1 and new M2 chips make it one of the most competitive laptops in that price range. In addition, you can customize the Macs based on how much SSD storage and RAM you need.
Apple OS is extremely streamlined and user-friendly and offers many Apple-only apps such as Final Cut Pro and Pixelmator. MacBooks are extremely powerful and can handle many simple games such as Minecraft or the games offered on the Apple Arcade.
People who own other Apple devices, such as an iPhone, will enjoy Mac’s ability to sync across the Apple ecosystem. You can message on your laptop, continue web browsing across devices, and can easily share documents and photos via AirDrop. All Apple products are designed to work together.


Windows win in the variety category, but Apple computers are extremely powerful for their prices. So if you only want to spend a couple of hundred dollars for a laptop that can do the basic functions, Windows may be the way to go. Alternatively, if you need a high-quality computer for gaming, the best gaming computers run on the Windows Operating System.
MacBooks are great for video and photo editing, work, everyday browsing, and more. Plus, they integrate with other Apple devices. They are some of the best computers for video, photo, and music editing. But there are Windows computers for a similar price that also run those software programs well.
When it comes down to it, the biggest deciding factor will be personal preference. There are great Windows and MacBook computers, and both operating systems work with various software. However, they are different, and it’s up to you to decide which operating system works best for how you want to use your computer. Additionally, Windows syncs with Android phones for messaging on the computer, and Mac syncs with other Apple devices.

Laptop Warranty

Whatever operating system you decide you want in your new computer, there are great computers to choose from. Both Apple MacBook and Windows laptops are susceptible to accidental damage and mechanical defects. An extended warranty protects your laptop if it breaks, so you don’t have to pay an expensive repair or replacement fee. Many retailers offer a laptop warranty plan, but they are typically overpriced.
Upsie offers the best laptop warranties for both Windows and Apple computers. An Upsie extended warranty will protect your laptop from screen cracks, drops, spills, and manufacturing defects. And in addition to being more affordable than retailers’ warranties, Upsie will cover new and used laptops and PCs.
For example, you can purchase a 2-year plan laptop warranty for a $999 MacBook Air for $121.99 for and $179.99 for a 3-year plan, with only a $25 deductible. Both Allstate and AppleCare plans start at $199, with a much higher deductible. You can submit a claim any time on any day and choose to get your computer repaired by a local certified technician or mail it to the Upsie repair center with free 2-day shipping. Whether you prefer Windows or Apple, protect your laptop with Upsie.

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