Is a Chromebook Extended Warranty Worth the Cost?

According to Computer World, a lot of people still believe several myths about Chromebook computers. Some folks might buy into these myths because they were somewhat true about older or cheaper models. However, the best Chromebook computers on the market today far exceed the supposed limitations of cloud-based laptop computers. It’s time to bust some wrong ideas about the potential capabilities and performance of a Chromebook and determine if they’re worth buying extended warranties for.

Busting Chromebook Computer Myths

Most commonly, people think that a Chromebook only provides access to an internet browser and the few apps that can run inside of it. In fact, the best, new Chromebooks will not only run a browser, they offer access to three distinct operating systems and apps that will run with Linux, Android, and Windows. Even more, they can even run apps from different operating systems within the same session, which beats a typical Windows- or iOS-based computer.
These newer Chromebooks also offer various kinds of users a versatile set of features. For just a few examples:
  • Google’s now promoting their laptops as great for software development. For example, access to Linux lets software creators develop, run, and test Android apps.
  • Also, with image editors such as Google’s Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom, they offer powerful photo-manipulation capabilities.
Also, contrary to common belief, users can even access many functions when they’re not connected to the internet. For example, both Google Docs and Gmail have offline modes. In addition, the Chrome Web Store has plenty of extensions that can provide other offline capabilities.

How Much Do Chromebook Computers Cost?

The original vision for Chromebooks might have centered around an accessible, browser-based laptop with a low price. While some models may still conform to that vision, consumers have a wide range of styles, features, and price ranges to choose from today. Consider a few examples:
  • Consumers can still find plenty of these cheaper models around. For instance, Lenovo, Acer, and Samsung all make Chromebooks that retail for less than $200.
  • For a mid-range choice, PC Mag picked the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 as one of its Editors Choice computers. At a little over $600, PCMag called this 2-1 computer a bargain. It also meets Intel’s Project Athena standard for mobility because of the long battery life and performance.
  • At the top end, a fully accessorized Pixelbook can cost from $1,000 to over $2,000. These slim, lightweight devices boast a long battery life and the performance of a 7-Gen Intel processor.
For a more in-depth overview of various brands and models, take a look at this summary of the best Chromebook laptops for 2020 from Upsie.

Why Buy Extended Warranties for Chromebook Computers?

These days, new Chromebooks can give their owners a capable and powerful device that they will usually start to rely upon for work, school, or recreation. The best Chromebooks do not necessarily come cheap either. Just as with other electronic devices, prudent people will want to consider warranty protection.
Chromebook computers come from a variety of manufacturers, so they don’t all have the same initial warranty. At the same time, consumers can compare most of these manufacturer warranties to the Pixel warranty. Google’s pretty transparent about letting their customers know that they provide only a limited warranty with a purchase. This protects against manufacturer’s defects and not any problems arising from wear and tear, accidents, or environmental conditions.

Getting Started With Chromebook Extended Warranties

Anybody who has purchased a new or used computer within the past 60 days can protect themselves much better with a laptop extended warranty. These protection plans guard against accidental drops, liquid spills, and other sources of computer failure.
Upsie customer claims reps stand by to process claims 24/7 and can offer a choice of local and mail-in repairs, or in some cases, replacements. To get started, just visit the Chromebook extended warranty page to fill in a few details about the manufacturer and price. Then view transparent details about plans and prices.

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