Details on Apple’s MacBook Trade-In Program

According to ComputerWorld, the first MacBook-type line debuted in 1991, though Apple branded these earlier models as PowerBook computers. Compared to today’s lightweight and sleek designs, the original ones looked pretty clunky.
Also, especially with 1990s prices, early computers cost quite a bit for what they offered. The 1991 version of Apple’s laptop retailed for $2,500, had an LED screen, and only 2 MB of RAM. Still, they were quite revolutionary at the time.
In any case, MacBook fans still love to own the latest innovations from their favorite computer company. With Apple consistently releasing new tech and designs, the MacBook trade-in program can offer them a sensible way to keep up with new releases, save money, and even help preserve the environment.

How Does the MacBook Trade-In Program Work?

MacBook owners can trade their eligible devices in for credit or an Apple gift card. Customers who are eager to buy a new Apple product will probably choose the credit. However, other people can take their time to make a purchase decision by requesting an Apple gift card.
There are two ways to find the trade-in value of an old MacBook:
  • MacBook owners can visit the trade-in page and find a link to get an instant estimate of the trade-in value online. If conducted online, Apple will even send a postage-paid, mail-in kit.
  • If it’s convenient, people can also visit a local Apple Store to get an estimate. With some products, they can accept the trade-in and enjoy instant credit.
Even if Apple devices aren’t eligible under the program, the company will still offer to refurbish or recycle the product for free. Besides offering customers a chance for people to save money on their next purchase, this program can also help keep electronics out of landfills.

Why Buy an Extended Warranty for a New MacBook?

If you’re in the market for a new MacBook, don’t overlook the chance to buy the best MacBook extended warranty to protect your computer. A new Mac will come with a one-year warranty for factory defects and even 90 days of technical support.
That’s not bad. Still, it’s really not enough protection for a new laptop for lots of reasons. For instance:
  • Even though Apple fans have gained a reputation as eager buyers of new releases, most people don’t invest in a MacBook to keep it for only one year.
  • The initial warranty mostly focuses upon ensuring customers that they received a computer in good working condition. It is not a way to protect against all-too-common accidental damage or early wear.
The very sleekness and portability of modern MacBook laptops makes them ideal to carry around to work, home, or class. At the same time, that portability can also make them extra vulnerable to accidents, like liquid damage or drops.

Why Upsie Has the Best MacBook Extended Warranty

Of course, MacBook buyers can choose to add Apple+ protection to a new computer for a term of three years. At the same time, this program charges service fees, besides the cost of the extra coverage. For a couple of examples:
  • Apple+ will charge $99 for screen and external damage and $299 for other kinds of issues.
  • Also, the Apple plan will only cover up to two issues per year, and many hazards cause more than two kinds of damage.
In contrast, a three-year MacBook extended warranty from Upsie costs less and covers an unlimited number of events, including accident protection from drops and spills. In the case where repairs won’t make sense, Upsie may offer to send a replacement. Better yet, Upsie protection plans cost less and only ask for a $25 deductible. Upsie customers also get access to 24-7 claims online or by calling a live representative.
Besides Apple MacBook computers, Upsie also offers protections for many other brands of laptops, desktops, and even computer accessories.

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