Laptop Warranty FAQ: How Do Laptop Warranties Work?

The modern laptop can power all kinds of digital adventures, including functions that were once limited to desktops. From gaming to video editing, there is little that today’s laptops can’t do — and what’s more, they accomplish all this on the go.
Unfortunately, the very mobility that makes laptops so convenient also leaves them vulnerable to damage. Since many users invest thousands of dollars in their favorite devices, their vulnerability is alarming.
Luckily, warranties can mitigate this risk, but choosing the right approach can be difficult when so many types of coverage are available. In this laptop warranty FAQ, we clarify questions by highlighting the various types of warranties and when they might be valuable.

FAQ: Who provides laptop warranties?

The specific warranty options available may depend on the type of device and where — or under what circumstances — it is purchased. The most common approaches to getting warranties for laptops include:
  • Manufacturers: Most laptops come with limited warranties provided directly by the manufacturer. Often, these don’t offer extensive coverage, but they still can be helpful. Additionally, some manufacturers offer extended warranty programs, which provide extra coverage against accidents or other problems. These can be expensive, however, and might not provide the degree of coverage that users desire.
  • Retailers: At the time of purchase, major retailers may provide warranty coverage for an added fee. This approach can certainly be convenient, but it is also more expensive than purchasing a warranty from a third party.
  • Third-party providers: Alternative warranty providers, like Upsie, sidestep the expenses of retail-based coverage and pass these savings directly to consumers. As such, this option is compelling for savvy users looking for affordable yet comprehensive coverage.

FAQ: What does a laptop warranty cover?

Laptop damage can take many forms. Unfortunately, not all warranties cover the issues your laptop might face. Limited warranties, for example, typically only protect users against manufacturing defects related to internal components. On the other hand, extended warranties may cover any or all of the following:
  • Power failures
  • Dead pixels
  • Cracked screens
  • Liquid spills

FAQ: Where can broken laptops be fixed?

Like the scope of coverage, repair solutions depend, in part, on the warranty. However, warranties offered by retailers or manufacturers are complicated. You may need to take specific steps to ensure that the laptop is fixed — and that the warranty covers the cost of repair. For example, the customers may need to ship the laptop to the manufacturer or send it to a particular repair location.
In comparison, Upsie makes fixing a broken laptop as simple as bringing it to a local repair shop. Upsie customers also have the option to ship the device to repair shops. If fixing the device doesn’t make sense on the first claim, Upsie will replace the device for you.
With Upsie, laptop extended warranties provide protection from all sorts of manufacturing issues, electrical/component issues, and even accidental damage like drops and spills. In addition, Upsie gives you the option for local repairs (including Genius Bar for Apple devices) or pre-paid shipping in a box provided to you.

FAQ: How long will a laptop warranty last?

Limited warranties are, as their name implies, brief in duration. Often, they only provide a year of coverage. This can be frustrating for users who typically intend to continue taking advantage of their laptops for several years after their limited warranties have ended.
Extended warranties often last two or three years, although some are available for even longer. Under this approach, consumers have the power to select how long they want coverage. These warranties begin as soon as the customers purchase them, and, as such, they typically overlap with the limited warranties provided by manufacturers.

Why Upsie Extended Warranties Are the Answer for Today’s Laptops

Laptops represent an extremely important investment. For many users, these devices power their way of life. They are essential for everything from work to school to passion projects. Upsie recognizes the value of all this — and offers an impressive degree of protection.
Upsie’s laptop warranties provide full coverage to ensure your laptop is protected from damage. In addition, their warranty plans are transparent, with no hidden fees. Equipped with extended warranties, users can take confidence in knowing that their laptops will continue to improve their digital lives for years to come.
Upsie also offers warranty protection for other electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and appliances.

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