Is the New Apple Silicon Chip Faster Than Intel-Based Ones?

Apple is upping its game in delivering faster productivity to its loyal customers. The company’s latest offering is the new Apple Silicon, and it is creating a buzz. During a November 2020 Apple event, it was announced that Apple supporters can look for the MacBook Air, which is set to be 2-times faster than its predecessor.
Everyone has questions about what this speedy new Apple offering might mean for future buyers, such as whether it makes sense to wait to buy a new machine when the updated Air is released.

Learn More About the Apple Silicon

Apple is ready to make its move and do it quickly with its own Apple-designed processors known as a system on a chip (SoC) and system in a package (SiP) processor. This new M1 chip will be installed in all new MacBook Pro, Air and Mini models at the end of 2020 and after. It is certainly faster than Intel-based machines, so loyal customers have a lot to look forward to. Even if the price is significantly higher, which is possible, Apple devotees will likely fall in love with this idea and flock to this new offering. If you plan to buy one, remember to buy an extended laptop warranty to protect your investment.

Are Apple Silicon M1 Chip Based Machines Faster Than Intel-Based Machines?

The upcoming M1 chip MacBooks will be on the market by the end of 2020. Many consumers wonder if they are worth the hype. The short answer is yes. Everything in the world, internet and otherwise, is speeding up. Everyone is just trying to keep up with it all, whether for work, school, or personal endeavors and relationships. The new M1 chip takes it a step further to address the needs of a busy audience who can and need to zip through projects and respond to family emails faster than ever before to move on to the next responsibility or passion.
ProNoobs shares that the M1 chip will make the MacBook Pro 5-times faster than its immediate Pro predecessor and that its 8 cores are dedicated to graphics performance. Apple leaders have confirmed that their goal was to combine everything into this single chip, including the Neural Engine, RAM, and processor.
While it is difficult to know just how much faster the performance of the M1 chip will be against intel based chips before release, the facts on real-world scenarios should start pouring in within about two weeks of the release. Since Apple has worked on building the iOS software and the corresponding chipsets to work together, the outlook is good for getting the best out of the processing power, beating Intel-based machines by a wide margin.

The Speed and Power of an iPhone In Your Laptop

Using ARM-based architecture chips, the M1 becomes similar in speed and power to smartphones, tablets and other devices. Imagine enjoying the speed of your smartphone on your laptop, and that is what the M1 offers. iMore suggests that the M1 processor could change Mac computing, and possibly all computing as we know it for good.

Additional Benefits Associated with the Apple Silicon Processors

Apple Silicon will allow Apple to develop and create new form factor machines that could finally eliminate the fan like a smartphone or tablet. This allows for lightness, thinness and easier portability. Interestingly, the new machines might require less power, which leads to improved battery life.

The Apple Silicon Chip Offers Users Best-in-Class Performance

Whether you choose the MacBook Pro, Air or Mini featuring the new chip, you are in for a treat. The Apple design team has continually worked on building and refining chips for years. Much of that early work went into iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. But why not place that same lightning speed and high power into laptops? That’s why the Apple team has worked so hard to create the M1 chip to join the speed embedded in your smartphone with the more user-friendly and production-oriented aspects of laptops.
Most importantly, the Apple Silicon chip finally creates a common architecture across all the company’s products. Consistency makes it easier for developers to write and optimize software for the Apple universe of products.

Are You Ready to Speed Up Your Computing Tasks with Apple Silicon?

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