11 Awesome Mac Shortcuts Every Apple Owner Should Know

Computer shortcuts are a great way of simplifying everyday tasks. Of course, the overwhelming majority of Mac owners will be familiar with the most well-known shortcuts. Copying and pasting, for example, works much like on Windows, including using the C and V keys, respectively.
The same goes for various other shortcuts, like selecting all of a particular item using Command and A or finding something in a folder or on a webpage with Command and F. Apple provides a list of some of the most common commands on its website. However, there are plenty of further Mac shortcuts with which people are often less familiar.

Mac Screenshot Shortcuts and Less Well-Known Commands

Did you know that there are various shortcuts for taking different types of screenshots? Or that it’s possible to instantly fire up a new email with just three keys? If not, be sure to check out the following commands that every Mac owner should have in their keyboard shortcut repertoire!

1. Take a Screenshot

Arguably some of Apple’s most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts are screenshot-related. To snag a simple copy of the entire screen, simply hit Shift, Command, and 3.

2. Capture a Portion of the Screen

Meanwhile, press and hold Shift, Command, and 4 simultaneously to capture just a portion of the screen. Then, drag the crosshair to select the area that you want to save. To move the selection, press Space or hit the Esc key to cancel.

3. Screenshot a Particular Window or Menu

You can also grab a copy of just a particular window or menu. To do so, hold Shift, Command, 4, and Space together. Then, with the pointer changed to a camera icon, click the window or menu you want to capture.
When taking any screenshot, a copy should appear in the corner of the screen for a moment afterward. Click it to edit, or wait for it to save automatically to your desktop.

4. Fine-Tune the Volume

Need to dial in a more accurate volume level? Press Option, Shift, and F12 or Option, Shift, and F11 to turn the volume up or down in smaller increments than normally permitted.

5. Minimize Everything At Once

If you need to jump to your desktop quickly, it’s possible to minimize everything at once to do just that. Simply press Command, Option, and M to minimize all currently open documents, browsers, and other applications.

6. Quickly Check Your Desktop

Alternatively, if you simply want to peek at what’s on your desktop, press and hold Command and F3. Once you’re done, let go, and everything will return to where it was!

7. Look Up an Unfamiliar Word

Did you come across an unfamiliar word? Highlight it and hold Command, Control, and D. Apple will then provide a definition from its dictionary, as well as further information from the web if it’s available.

8. Jump to the Top (or Bottom) Of a Page

Tired of scrolling? If you need to head back to the top of a page or document, press and hold Command and Up from the arrow keys. To jump to the bottom instead, use Command and Down to get there at lightning pace.

9. Instantly Start an Email

To instantly compose an email, press Command, Shift, and I. This keyboard shortcut not only takes you straight into Mail, but it starts a new message at the same time, ready for you to begin typing immediately!

10. Cycle Through Open Applications

Too many windows open? To cycle through them one at a time, press Command, Shift, and Tab. Each time you hit Tab, you’ll jump from one to the next, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

11. Instantly Quit an App or Program

Finally, the fastest way to quit an app or program. If you need to exit whatever program you’re currently using in a pinch, quickly press Command and Q to immediately close it.

Getting the Best Experience From Your Apple Devices

All of these keyboard shortcuts work on any Mac, including the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, plus iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini. Variations also work across various other Apple devices, including iPads and iPhones.
On which note, and whatever Apple devices you own, there’s another shortcut that you may not be aware of.
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