Everything About the Bob Mini Dishwasher

If you frequently wish that you never had to hand wash a dish again, but you don’t have the space for a full-sized dishwasher, Bob Mini Dishwasher might be your dream come true. It’s as small as a standard microwave oven and mighty as a regular dishwasher, so what’s not to love about this little appliance gem?
Let’s look closer at Bob the Mini Dishwasher and all it has to offer to make your life easier.

The Love Affair with Dishwashers

Anyone who washes dishes—whether by hand or via dishwasher—will have a firm opinion about which method is better. Many purists prefer filling the left side of the sink with hot water and detergent, carefully washing each dish, then rinsing it and setting it on a drying rack. Washing by hand presents practicality, cost-savings, and, for some, an opportunity for meditation reconnects them to the preparation and satisfaction of a good meal.
Others love the concept of dishwashers. Some loathe hand washing dishes and prefer the hands-off experience of a dishwasher. In any case, dishwashers are a popular product in the U.S.
After a slight dip in sales in the early 2000s, things started looking up around 2011 and into the present. Over that time, dishwasher sales went from 5.4 million units to 8.34 million units, per Review This. Today, about 68% of American homes have a dishwasher, so the numbers are looking good.
Perhaps manufacturers’ increasing focus on energy efficiency has made this handy appliance more appealing to the masses once again. Machines like Bob the Mini Dishwasher make them more accessible to everyone, even people in small urban apartments of the tiniest of tiny homes.

Bob the Mini Dishwasher

The great news about today’s dishwashers is that they are more environmentally friendly than ever before. According to Elizabeth Harper at Techlicious, today’s dishwashers are universally more eco-friendly, so you don’t have to feel guilty about excessive water or power usage. The news gets even better with Bob the Mini Dishwasher. This tiny but mighty unit is ideal for an efficient apartment or an RV. That means just about anyone can slide this unit under on top of the counter.
Bob measures about the size of a microwave and doesn’t need a water hookup. Bob comes with its own tank that requires less than a gallon of water per washing load. That means you can do your dishwashing anywhere and with whatever water source is available and at your convenience.

Top Specs for Bob the Mini Dishwasher

Before any additional gushing over the smallest dishwasher in the world, let’s look at some top specs you’ll love:
  • Lightweight at 22 pounds
  • Easy to carry with integrated handles
  • 13.4-inches wide
  • Fits plates up to 11.4-inches in diameter
  • Operates without a designated and permanent water supply
  • Features 3.9-liter or roughly 1-gallon water tank
  • Can be connected to a water supply if needed
  • Fill-spot in front of the unit, meaning you can place it under the sink or in other tight spots
  • Adjustable and customizable dish basket to facilitate your unique dishwashing needs
  • Do your daily dishes in 20 minutes
  • Use five times less water than washing by hand
  • Comes in an array of 24 color combinations
  • Door opens automatically upon touch
  • Automatic magnetic door opening when the load finishes its cycle speeds up drying without additional energy consumption
  • LED light panel technology lets you peek at the washing progress without high energy consumption
  • Washes and disinfects all types of objects, including dishes, wallets, masks, and keys
  • UV-C module obliterates 99% of viruses and bacteria in a waterless cycle
Bob Mini Dishwasher is brimming with features anyone averse to hand dishwashing would love. But it might even appeal to the traditional homeowner who wants to focus on small daily dishwashing loads, further reducing energy consumption and water usage.
Designed to use special dishwashing cassettes of detergent, you can easily insert these into the front of the unit. The concentrated detergent cartridge contains a rinse aid suitable for 30 dishwashing cycles. Once the mighty tiny cartridge has emptied, you can turn it in for a refill.
Essentially, you get a newly recycled cartridge full of detergent each month. For $30 each, you can go ahead and buy three cartridges per month, just in case you need more. However, if you do run out, you can use regular dishwashing detergent in a pinch or if it’s your preference.

Bob Mini Dishwasher Is Worth the Extra Protection

Bob might convert the most stalwart hand dishwashers. With a reasonable price tag of $299 to $499, depending on selected features and customizations, and unprecedented energy efficiency, it’s easy to love this compact beauty.
However, its small size means that it is vulnerable to damage and defects. To better protect your new dishwasher, protect it with an Upsie extended appliance warranty. Upsie’s small appliance warranties protect against damage and defects, ensuring that your device stays in the best condition possible. Best of all, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold by retailers or manufacturers.
Upsie also offers warranty protection for other appliances, including large dishwashers, refrigerators, blenders, and more.

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