The Best Food Processor From Each Top Brand

Food processors are an important addition to every kitchen. They allow chefs of all expertise to make soups, sauces, and dips and chop and slice vegetables easily. Every major kitchen appliance brand has a few food processors, and it can be hard to find the right one for your kitchen. Below are the best food processors from six major brands: Oster, Cuisinart, Ninja, KitchenAid, and Nutribullet.

Oster 2-Speed 10-Cup Food Processor

This affordable food processor from Oster costs $54.99. The 2-Speed 10-Cup Food Processor has two speeds and a pulse setting and includes a chopping blade, dough blade, and slicing/shredding disk. The feed tube at the top allows you to combine all your ingredients easily. The 10-cup bowl is very large and will allow you to make large batches without emptying the bowl.

Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

The Cuisinart 14-cup food processor is perfect for individuals who have to double or triple their recipes to make meals for a large family or party. It comes with a slicing disc, shredding disc, and a dough blade. There are only two settings, on and pulse, but it is easy to use. The $249 price is on the higher end of this list, but it’s worth it for cooks who normally make large batches.

Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen with Auto IQ

This is the best food processor and blender combo. The Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen with Auto IQ is $219. It comes with a 72oz pitcher perfect for making smoothies or frozen drinks for a whole group and a 62oz bowl for precise chopping. It even comes with personal blender attachments so you can make a smoothie in the morning right in a to-go cup. In addition to blending, it comes with chopping blades and a dough blade. The IQ presets allow you to make a smoothie, chop vegetables, knead dough and more at the touch of a button.

KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor with Dicing Kit

This powerful appliance comes with a large bowl and can chop, shred, precision slice, dice, knead, mix and puree all in one machine. All these features mean the KitchenAid 13-cup Food Processor comes with many accessories, but they can be easily stored in the working bowl to prevent kitchen clutter. In addition, you can adjust the slicing disc to your desired level of thickness, and the 3-in-1 feed tube allows you to add foods of all shapes and sizes into your mix. You can purchase this food processor for $249.99.

Nutribullet NBP 50100

The Nutribullet NBP50100 costs $119 and includes a spiralizer, dough blade, and two shredding attachments, which can be conveniently stored inside the work bowl. It has a low, high, and pulse setting, and the 7-cup bowl is decently sized. It’s a versatile appliance that is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Hamilton Beach Bowl-Scraper 10 Cup Food Processor

Another affordable food processor, the Hamilton Beach Bowl-Scraper 10-cup food processor, costs only $57.99. The food scraper ensures everything gets blended and is not stuck to the walls. The 10-cup bowl is plenty big for recipes large and small. It’s a powerful but slightly loud appliance with a large feed chute that fits most foods. It’s a high-quality blender for an affordable price.

Food Processor Warranty

A new food processor can make cooking a dream. Once you start using it, you won’t want to stop. And though food processors may seem pretty sturdy, anything with a motor can break. Like major appliances, it’s important to keep small appliances protected, and the best way to do that is by purchasing an Upsie food processor warranty.
Upsie can save you up to 70% on a small appliance warranty when compared to warranties from retailers and manufacturers. In addition, Upsie offers affordable two and three-year plans that are as comprehensive as the ones offered by major retailers. For example, a warranty for a $249.99 KitchenAid food processor would cost $28.99 for a 2-year warranty and $47.99 for a 3-year plan, with no deductible.
You can make a claim at any time, on any day, and Upsie will help get your appliance fixed. If a certified repair technician can’t replace it on the first claim, Upsie will replace it. Customers can purchase a small appliance warranty for products bought within the last 60 days of purchase.

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