Is the Dyson Omni-Glide Vacuum Perfect for Apartments?

Dyson had apartment and condo dwellers in mind when they developed the new Omni-Glide vacuum. At the same time, this lightweight, maneuverable machine makes a great choice for an easy-to-use second vacuum. It’s small enough to store and retrieve for quick cleanups, which makes it perfect for daily use.

Is the Dyson Omni-Glide Vacuum Worth the Money?

As is typical for this company, Dyson charges a relatively high price for a stick vacuum. According to CNET, $400 will buy a lightweight, slim vacuum with an omnidirectional head perfect for small spaces and tight corners. Unlike cheap stick vacuums, the Omni-Glide has motorized rollers to power through dust and debris. It’s also very easy to transform the Omni-Glide to a handheld vacuum to clean drapery and furniture.
Expect strong suction and advanced filtration to clean both hard and soft floors. In other words, the price tag might appear steep for this kind of vacuum. On the other hand, Dyson claims that five layers of filtration can trap 99.99 percent of dust and other contaminants, including particles as small as .3 micron.
People who live in apartments or other smaller spaces may feel perfectly satisfied buying the Omni-Glide as their primary vacuum. Even people who live in larger houses might also have a conventional vacuum for scheduled cleaning days; however, they can rely on the Omni-Glide as their go-to vac to clean up after kids and pets.
For a primary vacuum from Dyson, consider the Big Ball or V11. If paying $400 for a second vacuum works within a household budget, go for it!

Is a Dyson Omni-Glide Extended Warranty Worth the Money?

After spending $400 on a vacuum, some consumers might wonder if they should invest a few dollars more to buy a protection plan. Sure, the company includes Dyson’s two-year manufacturer warranty with their cordless vacuums. When compared to other manufacturer’s warranties, Dyson’s short-term warranty is solid. That’s why getting an extended warranty from a company like Upsie is completely worth it.

How to Buy an Extended Warranty for Dyson Vacuums

Dyson has earned a fantastic reputation for producing high-quality, innovative vacuum cleaners. Similarly, Upsie offers comprehensive, convenient, and affordable warranty protection for Dyson vacuums and many other brands. With a direct model of selling warranties online, Upsie can help consumers protect their purchases for less money than top competitors.
As an alternative to only relying upon the manufacturer’s warranty, customers can buy an affordable extended Dyson Omni-Glide warranty from Upsie. With the option of a two- or three-year plan, Upsie customers can enjoy no-deductible repairs for mechanical and electrical problems. Upsie even provides 24-7 customer claims service by phone from live reps! They offer the option of local repairs or replacement if they vacuum cannot be repaired.

How to Get Started With an Upsie Vacuum Warranty

Get started by selecting the brand and price paid from the warranty page. Upsie makes it easy to register a warranty up to 60 days after the purchase, so there’s no reason to impulsively decide to buy another protection plan at the counter. Just be sure to save the receipt to upload when purchasing the warranty.
Besides Dyson, Upsie also protects vacuums from Roomba, Samsung, Dirt Devil, and most other brands. With so many good vacuums on the market, it can take some time to find the right one for a particular household. At the same time, it’s easy to choose an Upsie warranty to protect it.

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