Essential Small Appliances for Great Cooks in Tiny Kitchens

According to The Spruce, average kitchens take up 10-15% of the space in a home. Millions of Americans live in apartments, condos, and small houses, so many home cooks must work in a fairly small area. The Spruce also found the proportion of the home taken up by a kitchen tended to shrink along with the size.
Thus, an average 1,500-square-foot home may only offer about 100 square feet of kitchen space. Of course, plenty of apartments and condos offer even less kitchen space than that. A sink, fridge, stove, and microwave typically take up at least part of that space in almost all kitchens.
Most of all, cooks have little countertop or storage space within these tiny kitchens to hold small appliances. Still, savvy cooks can make magic within small spaces if they invest in the essential small appliances.

Three Essential Small Appliances for a Tiny Kitchen

To outfit a tiny kitchen, start with versatile small appliances. Here are some of the most important small appliances that fit in a tiny kitchen.


Good Housekeeping declared the multicooker a life-changing small appliance. A multicooker can function as a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, plus some even have attachments for air frying. Best of all, multicookers come with easy-to-clean removable pots. Some good examples of multicookers to consider include:
  • Ninja’s Foodie Deluxe XL adds in the additional functionality of an air fryer, plus it can cook fast or slow. Expect to pay about $179.
  • Breville’s Fast Slow Cooker offers the most precise pressure control to perfectly prepare everything from delicate fish to an entire roast chicken. It costs $279.
  • The Instant Pot Duo Nova costs less than $100, and it earned Good Housekeeping’s rating as the best overall for what it does.

Immersion Blenders

Instead of finding counter space for a large blender, consider an immersion blender. Sometimes called stick blenders, these small, slim appliances fit in a draw or can hang from a hook. Even better, stick blenders can do almost everything that big, countertop blenders can do, and they’re also easy to clean.
Consider Breville’s Control Grip Immersion Blender or Braun’s MultiQuick 7 Blender. Either of these cost less than $100. For a rechargeable powerhouse, look at the All-Clad Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender for about $300.

Toaster Ovens

Compact toaster ovens don’t take up that much more space than toasters, and they can toast, bake, and some can also air fry. Sure, a range can perform many tasks well, but toaster ovens heat up faster, use less energy, and tend to impact temperatures inside the home much less.
The Hamilton Beach Sure Crisp Air Fryer Toaster Oven sells for only $59, so it doesn’t cost much more than a traditional toaster. For larger models that don’t take up much more space, look at Cuisinart’s Digital Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer for $269 and Cosori’s 12-in-1 Toaster Oven Combo for $199.

How to Protect Essential Small Appliances Better

People move into small spaces for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, people hope to downsize to reduce stress, bills, and even their impact on the environment. Along with outfitting a small kitchen with the best small appliances, it makes sense to protect budgets and reduce stress with a small appliance warranty from Upsie.
Upsie’s warranties are comprehensive and cost up to 70% less than warranties from their competitors. In addition, these warranties cover a range of defects and damage to ensure that all of your appliances are working properly.
Get the right protection for your essential small appliances from Upsie.

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