Should You Purchase a GE or Whirlpool Dishwasher?

How do you choose between GE and Whirlpool dishwashers? Both have high-quality, affordable options. However, there are several things that set the two brands apart. Here’s everything you need to know before purchasing a GE or Whirlpool dishwasher.

Are GE Dishwashers Good Quality?

GE offers 73 dishwasher options. They range from simple and affordable to high-tech and durable. For example, several of GE’s dishwashers boast a noise level of just 40 dBA. However, some of the brand’s loudest dishwashers are about 62 dBA, which is decently loud.
The dishwashers also come with impressive features, even if you’re purchasing an affordable option. For example, one of GE’s most basic dishwashers is the GE Dishwasher with Front Control for $449. It comes with Extra Heavy Duty Dishwasher Cycle, Water Leak Sensors, and a Hard Food disposer. More expensive dishwashers come with Built-In WiFi, Twin Turbo Dry Boost, a Built-In Third Rack, and more.
GE Dishwashers have irrefutable quality. Almost all of their dishwashers are rated above 4 stars (out of 5 stars) by their customers.

Are Whirlpool Dishwashers Good Quality?

Whirlpool has 20 dishwasher options, although they commonly rotate in and out of stock. Overall, Whirlpool’s dishwashers are very similar to those from GE. For example, the noise ratings all fall between 47 dBA and 64 dBA.
In terms of features, there is little to distinguish between Whirlpool and GE. However, there is one difference: Whirlpool’s customer ratings are low. Many of their dishwashers have earned below four stars.

GE Versus Whirlpool Dishwashers: Price

GE’s most affordable (non-clearance) model is the $449 GE Dishwasher with Front Controls, and the most expensive model is the $1,649 Profile Top Control. On average, most of GE’s dishwashers cost between $700 and $900.
In contrast, Whirlpool’s most affordable option is the $559 Heavy-Duty Dishwasher, and the most expensive model is the $1,079 Panel-Ready Compact Dishwasher. Overall, GE’s dishwashers are more affordable than those from GE.

GE Versus Whirlpool Dishwashers: Limited Warranty

Purchasing an appliance with a good warranty is essential. Limited warranties guarantee that the appliance is free from defects and damage. This means that if an appliance part fails due to faulty manufacturing, you’ll get a free repair or replacement.
GE and Whirlpool offer similar limited warranties one year from the time of purchase and cover manufacturing defects.

Which is Better: GE Versus Whirlpool Dishwashers?

Both GE and Whirlpool are great choices for your next dishwasher! They offer similar features and an affordable price. However, based on customer reviews. GE offers better dishwashers than Whirlpool. GE also offers a wider selection of models, which makes it easier for customers to find the appliance that fits their needs.
However, this doesn’t mean that Whirlpool is a bad brand. In fact, they offer a few options that have very high ratings from customers. In addition, most of Whirlpool’s dishwashers are more affordable than those from GE. As a result, Whirlpool is a great option as long as you choose a model with good reviews.

Do You Need an Extended Warranty for Your Dishwasher?

Because the limited warranty only lasts for one year, you absolutely need to purchase an extended warranty. Upsie’s extended warranties offer comprehensive protection against manufacturing defects, power failures, heating and cooling issues, and drain failure. In addition, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70% less than warranties from stores.
Upsie offers three-year and five-year warranties for dishwashers. Customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for dishwashers and other large appliances bought in the last 11 months.

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