Is a Washer and Dryer Extended Warranty Plan Worth It?

A broken washing machine can cost anywhere from $100-$350 to get repaired. With 78% of Americans working paycheck to paycheck, that’s a huge expense to take on. An extended warranty for your washer and dryer will eliminate expensive repair bills, not to mention alleviating the hassle of coordinating with repair technicians. Keep reading to learn about washer and dryer extended warranty plans.

How much does a washer and dryer extended warranty cost?

Prices for extended warranties vary. We outlined costs from three leading warranty providers based on a washer priced at $600 as of 4/7/2020.
Company Term Warranty Start Warranty Price
Upsie 5-Year  Immediately (overlaps with manufacturer warranty) $108.19
Competitor #1 5-Year Immediately (overlaps with manufacturer warranty) $134.99
Competitor #2 5-Year Immediately (overlaps with manufacturer warranty) $159.99
It’s important to note that Upsie appliance warranty plans do not start until 1-year after the appliance purchase date. Most manufacturers warranties last one-year, so there is no plan overlap or “wasted” money because of dual coverage. Competitor #1 and #2 both overlap with the manufacturer warranty for the first year, even though any repair will be directed to the manufacturer if there is an issue.

What is the process for getting my appliances repaired?

If you purchased a warranty with Upsie, the appliance repair process is easy. Sign into your Upsie account and locate the plan. Fill out an online form or call the 24/7/365 claims line where you will speak to a real person in Florida. Because Upsie has you upload your appliance receipt when you activate your warranty, you will never have to search through junk drawers and shoe boxes to find it. The representatives will already have your receipt and therefore can let you know on the first call if your claim is covered. They will then schedule a certified repair technician to come to your house and repair the appliance. Additionally, there is an unlimited number of claims up to the purchase value of your device.

What if my appliances cannot be repaired?

If the Upsie repair technician determines that your appliance cannot be repaired, and no claims have been made, they will replace it. If there has already been a claim made on the appliance, Upsie will cut you a check for the remaining value of the coverage amount. For example, if the original plan covered a washer priced at $600, and the first repair cost $150, you will receive a check for $450. That money is yours to buy a brand new appliance with!

Who has the best washer and dryer insurance plan?

Upsie has the best washer and dryer insurance plan. For one, their prices are almost always lower for the same extended warranty coverage. Second, they have phenomenal customer service where you will talk to a real person, not a machine. Lastly, there are no hidden fees, ever. Getting an Upsie warranty for your washer and dryer will provide immense peace of mind that they will work properly for years to come.

Can I purchase a warranty for my washer and dryer after they are delivered?

With Upsie, you absolutely can. In fact, you can purchase your Upsie warranty up to 11 months after purchasing the appliance. Most competitors only allow you to buy coverage 30-60 days after the appliance purchase date. This means that you can get to know your new appliance for a few months and decide later if you want to protect them with warranties.

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