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Upsie Promise

So, what is the Upsie Promise?

1. We guarantee that a real, live human being will answer the phone 24/7/365.
Our reps have the resources to make decisions.
2. You will know on the 1st call if your claim is covered.
Unless you are requested to provide photo evidence to clarify the claim.
3. Calls to file a claim will not take longer than 12 minutes, unless you want to tell us about things like the new sushi restaurant you tried last night. We love food!
All calls recorded and subject to review. Long running calls due to extra requests on your part not included.
4.We will fix your device within 5 business days or less once received at our repair center.
Contingent on parts availability. Shipping time not included. Smartphones within 24 hours once received. Major Appliances and large TVs within 10 business days of being diagnosed.
5. If you choose to cancel your agreement and we owe you a reimbursement, you will receive your refund within 10 days.
Refund pro-rated if cancelling after 30 days.

If we do not meet these expectations…

We will reimburse your deductible for that claim, plain and simple! In the event that your claim does not have a deductible, we will credit your Upsie account with $10 towards your next purchase.

Why are we making this promise to you?

We are Upsie and we are confident in our ability to provide an exceptional customer experience.