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Protect your Phone from Cracks, Drops, Defects and Spills

Eligibility limited to smartphones purchased in the last 120 days

2 Year Warranty
w/Accident Protection
$25 Deductible

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Protect your Smartphone for $6.67 per month

UpsieSquareTrade®Verizon®T-Mobile®Google Preferred Care®
Manufacturing Defect
Screen Cracks
24/7 Claims
Protect new or used phones
1 up front payment
Pay in Installments*
Can purchase protection after buying your phone
2 Year Warranty Price$159.99$215.76$264.00$336.00$149.00
Price per month of coverage (2 year)$6.67$8.99$11.00$14.00$6.21
Deductible$99.00$149$199$249$99 or $129

Price as of Dec 21, 2020 for a $1,299 Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G. *Installments managed through PayPal Pay in Four®. Applied at checkout.

Upsie’s protection includes:


Cracked Screen

Upsie accident protection covers screen cracks or damage as a result of accidents and drops.

Repair Options

To get you back to working order in no time, take a look at your options for repairing a phone.

Local repair

Work with one of our certified repair shops near you to have your phone fixed the same day in most cases.

If you have an iPhone, you can request to get it repaired at the Genius bar and we’ll reimburse you.

How it works

Buy & Activate Your Warranty

Say no to the retailer warranty offered when you buy your phone. Upsie warranties are available up to 120 days after your phone purchase date. Upload a picture or copy of your phone’s receipt in your Upsie account to activate the coverage.

Coverage Starts

The Upsie smartphone warranty includes two types of coverage: extended manufacturer and accidental damage. Extended manufacturer coverage begins the day after the manufacturer warranty ends. Accidental damage coverage begins immediately, if you buy your phone and Upsie warranty on the same day. If you buy a used/refurbished phone, or if you buy your Upsie warranty on any day after your phone, there’s a 31 day waiting period before you can make a claim.

Make a Claim

File a claim 24/7/365 by filling out a form in your account or by calling our claims center. A real person will review your claim and let you know on the first call if it is covered. A picture of the phone may be required for verification. After the claim is approved, we will collect your deductible and locate a certified repair shop for you.

Reviews from our customers

I went online to search for a phone warranty plan for my new cellphone that I just ordered yesterday. I found Upsie. It has all the same coverage as the other major retailers for a fraction of the prices! I use my phone for work and needed a workhorse that can handle alot, so I purchased a very expensive phone and wanted to make sure it's covered for any unseen accidents. I am very happy with the coverage options that I found. I hope if anything happens to my phone that the claims process will be just as easy as my purchase was.

Belle — Bizrate

iPhone 11 2 Year Warranty




Common answers to frequently asked questions


My smartphone is leased. Can I still buy a warranty?


Yes, we cover devices that are not paid in full (meaning you are paying your carrier monthly via a lease agreement). If your phone breaks and is fixable, we will fix it. If your phone needs to be replaced, you may need to first get permission from your carrier to get a replacement.

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